People fuming over ‘passive aggressive’ message left on bathroom ‘mirror’

All of us need a mirror now and again for other reasons apart from vanity.

You might have something in your teeth for example, or have smudged food over your face.

However, one establishment decided that their punters didn’t need a mirror and replaced it with a cheeky message.

But people have been left fuming over the sign, which has been labelled as “passive aggressive”.

Twitter user Hana, who goes by the handle uncutgemzzz, uploaded a photo showing the space over the sink where a mirror would usually be, but instead there was just a message that read: “You look fine”.

Many pointed out you might need to use the mirror for practical reasons

She posted the shot with the caption: “This would p*** me off.”

And it seems like she wasn’t the only one annoyed by the message as the photo went viral.

One person wrote: “That loud a** wall? I still need a mirror as well.”

While another added: “Isn’t this just gaslighting? It’s giving serious ‘Why do you need a mirror? I’ve told you that you look fine, isn’t that good enough?’ Vibes.”

And a third chimed in: “If I look ‘fine’ why won’t you show me?”

Another said that someone could have something in their eye and this “mirror” would not help.

They said: “I know I look fine, I have something in my eye and I’m trying to get it out bro wtf.”

Meanwhile, those annoyed about the missing mirror really wouldn’t want to move into one London flat up for rent.

The Kensington property, which you could rent for just £400 a month, seems to be missing a bathroom, with no mention of one in the advert.

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