People left terrified by creepy demonic figure found under bridge on Google Earth

The unusual sighting that can be found on Google Earth left people freaked out, as some joked it resembled Pennywise the Clown, while others thought it looked like a ‘creepy demonic figure’

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Strange face captured on Google Earth under bridge

Is there a creepy clown hiding under a bridge in New York? You can go on Google Maps and judge for yourself.

One Google Earth enthusiast spotted the creepy sight and shared the sighting online, in a video viewed more than 1.3million times.

The result has now gone viral as people have been left terrified by the creepy sighting, which you can check out below.

TikTok user ‘Hidden on Google Earth’ shared the spooky spot and jokily referenced seeing Pennywise, the creepy clown from Stephen King’s horror novel ‘It’.

The figure was spotted in a popular spot in Ithaca, New York under a highway bridge along the Cayuga Waterfront Trail.

Not what you fancy seeing while walking under a bridge


Google Earth)

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One viewer quipped: “It looks more like the Joker.”

Another added: “Well now I know where I don’t want to go.”

‘I’m never ever walking under a bridge again without thinking there’s a murderous clown lurking around, thanks for that,” fumed a third.

Others were baffled about how the figure was discovered, considering it is hidden away in a remote location.

But while it may not seem real – it can be found on Google Earth, if you search co-ordinates 42°26’35.24″N 76°30’49.09″W or click here.

Meanwhile, one man left people freaked out after coming across some “creepy men” in a deserted ghost town while browsing Google Earth.

Understandably, the ‘men’ cloaked in white outfits and appearing to stand in a queue left people questioning if it was real or not.

In a video shared on TikTok, he warned viewers they are about to see some “really weird things” – check it out here.

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