People share incredible throwback pictures under album cover trend, Mark Hamill joins in too

A few also shared throwback pictures of their pets under album cover trend.

A post shared by Mark Hamill has left people excited. The tweet shows the actor taking part in the viral album cover trend. There is a chance that his share will make you go wow too.

“Post a pic of you that looks like an album cover,” he wrote and shared a throwback image. And, that is what the trend is all about. Not just Hamill but many are now joining the trend. They are sharing various kinds of pictures to showcase how they could be album covers.

However, before seeing what netizens are sharing, take a look at the post by Mark Hamill.

The actor also shared another post under the trend:

“Stop and drop a pic of you that looks like an album cover. At least for me,” wrote a Twitter user while sharing this image:

Take a look at this image shared by Twitter user Col DPK Pillay.

A few also took the opportunity to share various images of their pets. Take a look at some of the tweets:

What would you share under album cover trend?


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