People slam wedding after ‘flower man’ hip thrusts down aisle to Fergie’s London Bridge and guests sit on lawn chairs

WEDDINGS can rack up quite the bill with some people spending thousands of dollars.

However, a couple kept their wedding very low budget with lawn chairs for guests and a “flower man” hip thrusting down the aisle.


A wedding was slammed for having a ‘flower man’ hip thrust down the aisleCredit: Instagram
He danced to Fergie's London Bridge and Fergalicious


He danced to Fergie’s London Bridge and FergaliciousCredit: Instagram

A woman who goes by the name of Heather and Sunny Weather on TikTok shared a video from a wedding she attended.

The wedding was being held in the back of a warehouse, seemingly, and had obviously come together under a strict budget.

A few cloths decorated the ceilings, a long piece of cloth served as the aisle between the plastic lawn chairs on either side.

Guests also kept it very casual as some of them showed up in sneakers, jeans, and polos.

But what made it more horrifying was the groom’s friend who had been chosen to be the flower boy for the ceremony.

As Fergie’s London Bridge and Fergalicious rang in the background, a man wearing sunglasses and a pink fanny pack around the waist began dancing down the aisle.

He proceeded to throw flower petals at the guests and along the aisle before hip-thrusting to the music.

Guests seemed shocked but were clearly having fun as they cheered along to the music.

However, some clearly disapproved – like the people who commented on the video.

One person wrote: “The vibe at this wedding was ‘mayonnaise,'” which means it was a very bland ceremony.

A second one agreed and said: “It was a dry wedding for sure.”

A third completely slammed the wedding itself and said: “People are [madder] at the flower boy than at the fact that they had to sit on lawn chairs.”

A fourth asked: “The 15 guests at this wedding were not amused. Why so many empty chairs?”

And a fifth one said: “I don’t know but this stuff gives me second-hand embarrassment.”

He also popped streamers


He also popped streamersCredit: Instagram
Guests and those who watched the video slammed the 'cheap' wedding


Guests and those who watched the video slammed the ‘cheap’ weddingCredit: Instagram

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