People take help of treadmill to make a sandwich, Incredible video shows how

There are some videos on the Internet that, besides making people giggle, also leave them amazed. This clip involving a treadmill and a sandwich is one such video. There is a chance that the clip will make you admire the skills of the people involved in the process of making the sandwich.

Originally shared on the Instagram page @Treadmillguy, the video intrigued people after being shared on the official Insta page of YouTube.

“@Treadmillguy is redefining the meaning of fast food,” reads the caption shared along with the video. Of course, after seeing the clip, you may end up saying the same too.

Take a look at the video:


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The video was shared a day ago, on August 30. The clip, since being posted, has gathered nearly 97,000 likes, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also accumulated different kinds of comments.

“That’s insane,” wrote an Instagram user. “This was so perfect,” shared another. “That’s one way,” expressed a third.

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