‘People think I’m lying when I tell them my age – men in their 20s flirt with me’

An age-defying woman says she’s constantly hit on by men who are decades her junior.

Due to her glowing skin and enviable figure, Eudora Okoro often shocks people when she tells them she’s 60.

She doesn’t rely on Botox or cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock, preferring to focus on her health and wellbeing instead.

Eudora, from the Wirral, credits wearing SPF and staying hydrated as some of the reasons why men as young as 21 want to take her out.

She told the Mirror: “It’s a bit embarrassing, but flattering, when someone that young contacts me.

“They’re convinced my age is a lie when I tell them – and if I ever have to give someone my date of birth, they think I’ve gone mad.”

Eudora still looks fabulous at 60-years-old

Although she jokes she’s old enough to be their grandmother, the former lawyer lives a young lifestyle too – working as a part-time DJ on top of teaching dance.

She said: “Whenever I have to give anyone my date of birth, people stare at me like I’ve gone mad.

“People almost spit their drink out when they find out I’m 60 – it’s a bit embarrassing, but very flattering.”

While there’s no magic fountain of youth you can bathe in, Eudora says looking young is as simple as living a healthy lifestyle.

She said: “People take care of their cars, homes and gardens, but not their bodies.

“I’m living proof that age is just a number!”

Eudora Okoro
Eudora is often hit on by men who are decades younger than her

Eudora Okoro
Eudora looks so young she’s often accused of lying about her age

Each morning Eudora drinks a fruit and vegetable juice and she sticks to a plant-based diet. She also drinks two litres of water a day.

While her dance classes keep her very active, she also likes to take long walks in her free time.

She said: “Unless you have some kind of medical condition, I believe how we age is completely in our hands.

“Being fit and healthy helps you deal with anything – it affects you mentally as well as physically.

“People do things they know are bad for their body out of laziness – but being healthy and having good habits is a way of life.”

Eudora Okoro
Eudora emphasised the importance of a healthy lifestyle

Despite living healthily 99% of the time, Eudora admits she enjoys a cheeky glass of wine or a bit of chocolate as much as anyone else. But she’ll always opt for dark chocolate and drinks plenty of water before bed if she’s had an alcoholic beverage.

“People see ‘treating yourself’ as eating unhealthy food, but for me it means having something which is good for your body,” she said.

Since her 52-year-old husband Paul tragically passed away in 2019, Eudora has become open to dating again. But she’s specifically looking for men aged 34-50 because younger men tend to “look after their bodies better.”

She said: “People waste a lot of money on surgery because they lack confidence in their appearance, but that is easy to achieve by looking after yourself.

“I remember watching Love Island and seeing these young women with makeup plastered across their faces spending all day in the sun – they should swap it for some sun cream.”

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