‘People think my wife is my daughter even though I’m only one year older than her’

Whitney and Megan Bacon-Evans, 33 and 34, say the constant assumption they’re mother and daughter can leave them feeling “insecure” about their appearance

Whitney and Megan are often mistaken for mother and daughter

A married couple say they’re often left red-faced when strangers mistake them for mother and daughter – even though they’re only a year apart in age.

Whitney and Megan Bacon Evans, 33, and 34, say they’re often subject to “horrendous” mix-ups from strangers, which leaves them feeling insecure about their looks.

The couple, from Windsor in Berkshire, say they’ve had to put up with workers asking if Whitney’s “mum is home” when delivering packages to the house.

The pair, who married in Palm Springs, California in 2017, claim they were even mistaken for mum and daughter when they were away getting married.

However, the pair of influencers have turned the “embarrassing” moments into an opportunity to poke fun at themselves.

The pair joke about the misunderstanding on their TikTok account


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The pair married in Palm Springs, California in 2017


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The couple, who have 90,000 followers on TikTok, laugh at the mix-ups in their videos, which have racked up 1.8 million likes.

Whitney even jokingly calls her partner “mum” and filmed herself saying “excuse me mummy” to Megan.

Megan said: “It feels horrendous when it happens, because I don’t want to look old enough to be my wife’s mother. It’s very strange.

“Being mistaken for mother and daughter is embarrassing.

“There’s been a few in-person experiences where it’s happened but we also get comments on TikTok from people who say ‘Oh my god, I thought you were mother and daughter’.”

Although they joke about the misunderstanding, Megan admits when people get their relationship wrong on TikTok it can get her down.

“It also happened when we were getting married in California. We were in a clothing store, and the woman at the till said, ‘Oh, are you two mother and daughter?’

“We had to say ‘Er, no, we’re actually getting married next week’. She just didn’t even apologise, she just said ‘Oh’. Then we asked who she thought was the mother, and she pointed at me.

“It wasn’t like she was embarrassed. I didn’t know if she thought we were getting married as mother and daughter, I didn’t quite understand.”

The pair say the misunderstanding can sometimes be embarrassing


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Despite what people say, the pair are incredibly loved up


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For Whitney, the mix-up can be just as embarrassing. She said: “I don’t want to look young enough to be mistaken for a child. I’m a 33-year-old woman, I want to look like a woman.

“About a month ago, a delivery guy knocked on the door, and I answered, wearing no makeup. They asked me if my mother was home.

“I’m happy that I’m aging gracefully, but I want to at least look of age. I’m a young woman in my 30s, I don’t want to look like a child.

“It’s wild that people think we’re mother and daughter when we often coordinate our outfits – how many mothers and daughters dress the same?”

She added that, while some people apologise for getting it wrong, others just stare at them and make the situation even more awkward.

“When we go out somewhere new, it’ll happen. Sometimes it happens five times a week,” Whitney said.

“I think it happens a lot with gay couples. I think people need to just start asking ‘How do you know each other?’.”

Megan added she knows people aren’t being malicious when they make the mistake, but it still makes her question how old she looks.

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But plenty of their TikTok followers think it’s very clear the pair are a married couple.

One commenter wrote: “How can people not see what a beautiful couple you make?!”

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