People warned against viral tin foil hack for keeping hobs clean with claims it could be lethal

TikTok is full of videos showing users tips and hacks to make their home life easier.

Some of the cleaning hacks you find on there are great, but others may cause more harm than good.

The hack is popular, but people warn it can be lethal

The hack is popular, but people warn it can be lethalCredit: whatinthechef/TikTok

One TikTok user called Imran, posted a hack to their account, whatinthechef, where he often posts cooking videos.

In one video in particular, he spoke of a hack which includes covering your gas stove in foil to help make tidying up oil splashes easier.

In the caption, Imran wrote: “this foil hack is genius, admit it.”

Whilst the video focuses on him making a delicious tuna toastie, people in the comments were discussing how safe it was to cover your gas stove in foil.

Lot’s of people use the hack and in the comments, people said it did make cleaning up a lot easier for them however, some warned it could potentially be lethal.

There are many viral TikTok trends which have been debunked as dangerous, such as; using a paint roller to clean your walls, using Vicks VapoRub in a wax melter and mixing different cleaners together.

One user wrote in response of the foil hack: “That’s very dangerous. Ask a gas engineer why or Google foil gas explosion. Sometimes the gas gets trapped under the foil and builds up. Boom.”

Another user suggested to use matts which you can buy from Amazon and are meant for that exact purpose.

They added: “I’ve heard kitchen foil can be dangerous plus it’s a pain having to change it.”

A third commented: “They actually tell you not to do this as it can create a gas blockage.”

Another person claimed to be a gas engineer also warned of the dangers, saying: “As a gas engineer I need to tell you that putting foil on your oven like that makes it at risk. It restricts ventilation and could block injectors.”

It can cause gas to build up underneath and prevent proper ventilation

It can cause gas to build up underneath and prevent proper ventilationCredit: whatinthechef/TikTok

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