Pet dog detects stage 3 cancer and saves it’s owner’s life
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Pet dog detects stage 3 cancer and saves it’s owner’s life

A hairdresser’s pet chihuahua was hailed a hero after jumping on the woman’s stomach, causing a lump to show. She soon discovered that it was ovarian cancer.

Tess Robison thought she was experiencing food intolerance that caused her bloating and back pain, but thanks to her chihuahua, Lola, the real diagnosis was revealed.

The 41-year-old from South Shields, South Tyneside, England, was feeling severe bowel pain when her dog Lola jumped on her stomach and caused a lump to protrude.

It was then Robison decided to seek medical help, only to discover that she had stage three ovarian cancer. The woman shared:

“For weeks, she had been just sat there staring at me [sic]. The pain was like something else and a big lump came up and so I went to get checked out.”

Like anyone would be, Robison was saddened by the diagnosis but knew she had to get the needed treatment immediately.

The tumor was quite big at 12 cm, making her stomach larger than usual. Robison has since had six rounds of chemotherapy and a full hysterectomy. Still positive about the situation, Robison shared:

“I’ve never been a doom and gloom person and I never will be. I’m going to fight it all the way because I’ve got so much I want to do […] I’m not the kind of person to cry about it.”

She also strongly believes that Lola unknowingly saved her life. Had it not been for the dog, Robison may have found out too late.

Robison got Lola when she was only a puppy. Aside from the pooch, she has her husband Paul, a plasterer, to keep her company.

As captured by a passerby, the man brought the husky out of his car and quickly drove away.

The couple does not share kids but is considering adopting. At present, Robison is waiting for her prognosis, which will be revealed during a subsequent doctor visit.

Dogs are certainly a gift to humans, and while there are people like Robison who treat canines like family, there are also others who are not as kind.

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