Pete Davidson & Phoebe Dynevor May Have Already Broken Up

Six strong months later and Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor have reportedly ended their romance. The Sun UK is reporting that the Saturday Night Live star and the Bridgerton star just can’t handle the distance between the two of them. Davidson is based in New York and Dynevor calls jolly ol’ England her home and due to their busy schedules, the two are struggling to find a balance. “Their mates think they make a great couple, but the distance has made it completely unworkable,” alleges a source for the new publication. They also shared that the couple “had fun together” and they will “remain in contact”.

Love-Filled Displays


The couple was last seen enjoying Wimbledon and cuddling up in a public display of affection. They even low-key kind of matched their outfits to one another. The Suicide Squad star, 27 and Dynevor were first linked in March when they were spotted holding hands and walking around a small English village. The comedian also kind of confirmed that he and the Younger actress were dating when he blurted out that he was currently dating his “celebrity crush”. Unfortunately, being an in-demand actor and trying to maintain a relationship is not something that everyone can work out.

Busy Schedules

Pete Davidson

Both Dynevor, 26, and Davidson’s careers are skyrocketing right now. Bridgerton is going full speed ahead and there are even a few spinoff ideas going around. In addition, she has been busy filming a new series, Call My Agent: UK, and she is rumored to be attached to a few movies. Davidson is focused on promoting The Suicide Squad and is also currently filming a romantic comedy with Kaley Cuoco called Meet Cute along with a host of other films in pre and post-production.

The Future Is Unknown

Davidson also recently got real about his future with SNL and how much longer he plans on staying with the live sketch comedy show. “I don’t know what the plan is,” he shared during an interview on Gold Derby. “Everything’s kind of up in the air right now just depending on scheduling.” Davidson is a major player on SNL and his absence would definitely be felt. That being said, it has been some time now and according to Davidson, nothing lasts forever. “It is my seventh year, and that’s usually what the contract’s usually for, so it was really emotional.”  He shared that it hits a bit deeper for him because he essentially grew up on set. “I worked with these guys for a fourth of my life, and I started there with acne and left with tattoos, and it was just, like, a very crazy, long period of time.”

Rising Stars

At this point, it seems like careers are more important than making a new relationship work. Both are at a point where they can’t (shouldn’t) turn down opportunities. Thankfully, both parties are moving on in a healthy way. Dynevor has been enjoying a girl’s trip to Croatia and is glowing in the selfies she has been sharing on social media. She stunned in an orange bikini while riding a bike and later her sun-kissed skin glowed as she enjoyed drinks with the girls.

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