Peter Goes On-Run Once Again, What Will Happen Next?

General Hospital viewers know that in the latest episode of General Hospital, Anna had caught Peter. She was pointing her gun at Peter, ready to shoot him. However, her being able to take Peter into custody so easily doesn’t seem like something General Hospital would play with.

So, while Anna hurts Peter, he gets successful in escaping yet again. Now that Peter is on the run once again, what will happen next? 

Anna Had Found Peter

GH viewers recently saw Anna as she caught Peter. Peter was all ready to escape Nixon Falls, but an armed Anna was able to stop him. She was all ready to shoot him. But, she ended up wounding him. Valentin had come to be Anna’s side in this face-off, but Peter found a way and ran away. After that, as Anna alerted the police and deployed them to find Peter, Anna and Valentin sat trying to figure out who Peter’s accomplice could be. 

Over in Port Charles, Maxie is freaking out. Everyone knows that Peter is obsessed with Maxie, and he wants their baby girl. So, Maxie is scared that Peter might come back and harm her big time. If Anna had shot Peter dead, Maxie would have been very happy. She would take her baby with her and live a peaceful life. However, that isn’t the case here. Peter is missing once again, and Maxie is still scared. So, it looks like some interesting developments might take place in the upcoming days. 

General Hospital Spoilers: What Will Happen Next?

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week of September 27, 2021, do not hint at anything about Bailey’s truth coming out. So, it looks like she will be safe. On the other hand, Anna will get a rather disturbing phone call. This could be from Peter telling her, “Catch me if you can,” or it could be from one of Peter’s allies warning Anna. If Victor does get in contact with Valentin and Anna, they will go off on another phase of this investigation. 

General Hospital

Celeb Dirty Laundry also suggests that Anna and Valentin will visit the nurse Chloe Jennings in the American Embassy Hospital room. And whatever she tells might fit with what Valentin and Anna think. Would they figure out everything and finally catch Henrick? He has done a lot of things that make it almost impossible for him to get redeemed. So, how will General Hospital take the story from here on? What do you think? Share your views in the comments below. 


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