Peter Issues Threats To Victor, Lands In Danger?

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter’s alliance with Victor Cassadine might be in jeopardy soon. Spoilers have been teasing that Peter and Victor had collaborated for their mutual gain. But, in the upcoming days, Peter might do something that will push Victor too far. Will Victor drop Peter? Here is everything to know. 

Peter And Victor Are Working Together 

In the recent General Hospital episode, GH viewers saw Anna as she caught Peter speaking on the phone with someone. While Peter was able to escape that situation, Anna, later on, told Valentin that Peter had an accomplice. But, he didn’t seem to be giving orders this time. So, she was determined that someone else was in charge and they could be helping Peter.

General Hospital spoilers suspect that Peter and Victor might be working together. Together, they have been causing havoc, but it looks like Victor is in charge. 

General Hospital

Peter Makes A Dangerous Demand

While Peter and Victor might be working together, GH viewers know that Peter is someone who is used to being feared and being in charge. So, if he has to be dependent on Victor about anything, he might get fed up and start questioning this partnership. It is possible that Victor might have made promises, and he has failed to deliver, and that might look like no-real results for Peter.

General Hospital

Right now, Peter’s main goal is to find Louise. But, if it takes too long, he might become frustrated and think of dropping the partnership. General Hospital spoilers hint that it is possible that Peter might even start threatening Victor and passing on ultimatums. He might tell him that if he doesn’t track down Peter’s daughter in a certain time, he will call the deal off. 

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Retaliates?

If Peter does take the chance of threatening or warning Victor, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he might find himself in some danger. Victor isn’t the kind of man many people want to cross paths with. He is a risky man, and nothing is stopping him from shooting Peter and finding another ally.

While it is possible that Peter might have some leverage or could be bringing something special that has made Victor work with him, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it won’t be a good idea for Peter to rub Victor off the wrong way. Could Victor do something that puts Peter in danger? It is possible indeed. 

General Hospital also suggests that he will have some surprising news for Peter in the week of October 4-8. So, could this have something to do with Peter’s daughter? If that is the case, it looks like things are about to get really dangerous for Louise. Will Brook and Maxie be able to save the baby? We will have to wait to know. will keep you updated with all the news about the soap as it surfaces. So, stay tuned. In the meantime, do you think that Peter might soon land in danger with Victor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 


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