Petty office ‘note war’ breaks out over who fills up kettle in staff kitchen

If you’ve ever worked in an office then you’ll know that tension can be high when people disagree about the use of the staff kitchen.

Whether there’s a mysterious milk their, someone leaves their mould lunch in the fridge or you’re always left with all the mugs to wash there’s always something.

We’ve all been there and it often culminates in a tricky note war…

Well, one Reddit user decided to document the work kitchen war happening in his office – and it’s gone viral as almost 15,000 people liked the amusing post.

Sharing a screen shot of the posters being stuck up in his workplace the social media user said: “Shots fired in the office kitchen…”

The first note to be stuck to the kitchen cupboard featured a clipart image of the T-Rex from Toy Story.

Who will win the kitchen row?

It read: “T-Rex has tiny arms and can’t fill the kettle up when it’s empty. What’s your excuse?

“Please fill the kettle up when you’ve finished with it.”

A polite request although we’re a bit confused as to why it’s the kettle finisher who must refill the kettle and not the person who wants a drink next.

Who invented this rule?

And, it looks like someone else in the office had the same thought as a fresh note was sellotaped next to the original.

One person said that the water should always be freshly boiled
One person said that the water should always be freshly boiled

Featuring a photo of a mug with a smiley face, it said: “Hasn’t T-Rex heard of conserving energy by only boiling enough water for what is required?

“Also a decent cup of tea requires freshly boiled water not multiple boiled water! No wonder he’s a dinosaur!”

Gosh, don’t you just love a bit of petty office drama?

In the comments section, almost 800 people waded in with their opinions on the matter.

One person said: “In the big scheme of things if that’s the biggest issue then it’s a pretty well administered kitchen.

“Before most other kitchen communities get to kettle filling they’ve fallen on bin filling, dirty cups, soggy tea bags, general cleanliness and milk buying rotas.

“Now you just gotta decide whether you want all out war or a bit of smug education.”

Another added: “I’d take someone who leaves the kettle empty over those absolute savages who microwave fish in the office kitchen, any day of the week.

“Other hangable offences should include getting instant coffee granules in the sugar jar, getting jam in the communal butter and anyone who goes elbow-deep into the biscuit jar, rummaging around for the last jammy dodger like they’re trying to birth a calf.”

“I’ve never heard of people asking for a kettle to be left filled,” noted a third. “Surely it takes two seconds to fill up with the correct amount you need rather than boiling a kettle that’s full to the brim for one cup?”

While a fourth wrote: “It’s incredibly lazy to expect someone to fill up the kettle for your own cuppa.”

What do you think – who should fill up the kettle? Tell us in the comments below…

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