PewDiePie cringes at Pokimane’s “uncomfortable” streaming setup

YouTube king PewDiePie took aim at Pokimane’s Twitch streaming setup in a new video, where he viewed the homes of some big-name celebrities.

PewDiePie is no stranger to ripping on YouTuber and Twitch streamers for their homes and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys proved to be no exception, but he felt especially concerned over her setup.

On August 19, PewDiePie watched a video from Pokimane where she showed off her streaming setup. While the video itself was from July and the Canadian has since moved houses, that didn’t stop PewDiePie from vocalizing his problems with the setup.

After viewing a closet full of shoes and clothes and a makeup area, the YouTuber was at a loss for words with how to proceed.

PewDiePie roasts Pokimane’s setup

“This is so girly, how do I judge this?” he wondered. Luckily, when Pokimane showed off her streaming area, he found his rhythm.

First, he took a big issue with Pokimane’s display setup, claiming it looked “so uncomfortable” with the monitors being very far away.

“That’s the tiniest little baby display! Come on! Get a big display,” he cringed before showing his own ultra-wide monitor for comparison.


PewDiePie was not a fan of Pokimane’s monitors.

He was also extremely put off by Pokimane’s cables running behind her desk.

“Oh God, the cable management!” he groaned. “I’m sorry, you lost setup privilege.”

Finally, he mocked the box Pokimane was using as a footstool under her desk, suggesting she just buy an actual footstool instead, going as far as to show some for sale on Amazon.

PewDiePie blasts Pokimane's cable management

Pokimane’s cable management left PewDiePie cringing.

While PewDiePie wasn’t super mean or bombastic in his roast, it’s clear he wasn’t a fan of her cable management or monitors at all.

Hopefully, Pokimane can take the Pewd’s advice and improve her streaming room with some of his suggestions for the next time she decides to do a tour video.

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