PG Tips launches ‘English Breakwoof’ tea so your dog can enjoy a cuppa

We Brits are known around the world for our obsession with tea – and very few things are as satisfying as a perfectly prepared cuppa.

Whether it’s the first thing you grab in the morning or your favourite solution to feeling stressed English breakfast tea is a delicious pick up.

Well, it seems that now no member of the family needs to feel left out when you sit down for a cuppa.

That’s because PG Tips has realised a special tea just for… dogs.

We know, it wasn’t exactly at the top of our priorities list to find a tea for our pooches, but there you go.

The hot beverage firm partnered up with pet drinks company Woof & Brew to release the new English Breakwoof tea for pups.

Why, you ask? Well, the beverage has been specially created in honour of International Dog Day on August 26, but it’s available to pre-order now for £9.99.

And, 100% of the profits will be donated to the Support Dogs charity.

Support Dogs trains up pups to assist people with autism, epilepsy and physical disability.

Yes, the tea is completely safe for dogs and it contains no caffeine or preservatives.

It’s not actually made of English Breakfast tea, but is instead a blend of burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle, seaweed, and rooibos .

The teabags are also safe for human consumption, but PG Tips has said they don’t recommend it which is why each box of doggy tea bags also comes with a box of standard tea for people.

Enjoy a cuppa together
Enjoy a cuppa together
(Image: Getty Images)

You should also note that you don’t need to add any milk or sugar to your furry friends cuppa and it should be served cold, not hot.

So, brew it hot and then allow their bowl to fully cool before you let them take a satisfying sip.

For the best result, make the tea in the evening and then let it chill overnight and serve it to your pup in the morning.

There are only a limited number of boxes of the dog tea so make sure you order yours quickly before they sell out!

Oh, and take lots of snaps for Instagram because we all want to see your pooch enjoy his morning brew.

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