Phasmophobia Teases New Ghost Writing Book

Phasmophobia has teased the arrival of an all-new model for one of the most notable in-game items. Specifically, that item is the Ghost Writing Book, which is regularly used by players as a means of allowing Ghosts to write within the ledger. And although this item isn’t new, the way it looks is going to soon be altered as a means of bringing Phasmophobia closer to its official 1.0 launch.

This new reveal of the Ghost Writing Book was shown off recently on the official Phasmophobia Twitter account. Developer Kinetic Games gave players a look at this new item model, which clearly has received a pretty major upgrade. The book notably looks much eerier than it ever has and comes with some rope-like material both binding the pages together and binding the cover shut. Even though it’s just a simple book, it definitely gives off more horror vibes compared to the previous iteration.

As mentioned, this new look for the Ghost Writing Book is part of a larger overhaul in Phasmophobia that the game will be undergoing. Right now, Kinetic Games is focusing on creating a number of new item models to improve many of the pieces of equipment that players use quite often. A new look at the video camera was also shown by the studio on Twitter, and it looks much more sleek than before.

As a whole, it remains to been seen when these new item models will actually be coming to Phasmophobia. For the time being, a new update has yet to be announced by those at Kinetic Games. That being said, the title is one that is patched pretty often, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see these item upgrades coming in the near future.

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