Phillip Schofield jokes about Lorraine Kelly retiring next year in This Morning caller mix up

Phillip Schofield joked that Lorraine Kelly, 61, would be retiring next year in This Morning mix up.

During an astrology segment the TV host, 59, had confused a Scottish caller with the breakfast show presenter.

The caller was also called Lorraine which seemed to spark even more uncertainty with Phil wondering if his TV pal was on the other end of the line.

Phil Joked: “I thought it was Lorraine Kelly for a second.”

Before begging: “Lorraine please don’t retire.”

Holly Willoughby, astrologer Paul Watson and the caller burst into fits of laughter – knowing full well it wasn’t really Lorraine Kelly.

Instead, Lorraine explained that she had worked in the railway industry for over 40-years and had been worried about retiring.

Paul explained to the Scottish caller that she should hold fire on retiring as next year was set to be electric for her star sign.

Meanwhile, viewers of the show were delighted to welcome hosts Holly and Phil back to screens after a summer break.

The programme was certainly filled with a lot of chaos and laughter – like usual.

Over in the kitchen, Holly had been gagging at the thought of sampling James Martins cooking.

The TV chef had lined up sardines, anchovies and prawns ready for his cooking segment.

The mum-of-three explained her reasons for disliking the small fish, she said: “You spend more time taking bits out of your mouth than you do putting it in your mouth.”

James was not letting Holly get away with sampling his food as he told her he’d “de-boned” all of the sardines especially for her.

As the screen diverted to showcase what was coming up next, Philip yelled that James had “thrown a sardine at Holly”.

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