Photos of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s 40-Year Friendship

Newton-John and Travolta kissed at a “Grease” party that year.

Newton-John and Travolta at a Paramount party.

Brad Elterman/Getty Images

While attending a party for “Grease” at Paramount Studios the year of the film’s premiere, the actors gave a glimpse of their on-screen chemistry by sharing a kiss. 

Though the actors stayed in character as Sandy and Danny on set, their romance was limited to the script. In her autobiography, Newton-John recalls having a mutual “attraction” with Travolta but explains that they were both committed to other people. 

“The truth is, it never went beyond friendship with John despite the fact that the fans wanted for us to become a couple in real life. We left the making out to Sandy and Danny, but the deep feeling of sisterly love I have for John continues to this day,” she writes, per The Sunday Post

Decades after they shot the film, Newton-John said “Grease” benefited from the fact that the actors never got together in real life.

“I think it kept the tension there and the chemistry. It might have been a real disaster had we decided to date or we had a falling out or something.” she reportedly said on a 2018 episode of Mamamia podcast.

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