Photos Show What It’s Like to Stay in UFO-Themed House

Inside Futuro, you will find the living area, which has a dining table and armchairs which pull out into single beds.

The interior.

Marston Park

Michael Fenna, co-founder of Marston Park, told Insider that the pictures “don’t quite convey” what it’s like to stay at Futuro, which he says is “surprisingly spacious and well insulated.”

“It’s very cocooned, but not cramped,” Fenna told Insider. 

“As you come out of a natural landscape with the noise of trees and water and wind, you feel very kind of tucked away and sort of snug in. So it’s actually a very kind of inviting and cozy space to be in. Whereas I think in some images it can come across as quite a cold, like a museum,” he added. 

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