Piece of paper she shared online about him reveals his true identity and brings him to his family

Looking dirty, not many people would ever get near him so he was all alone most of his days. His only companions were the papers and his pen.

This homeless man was a poetry writer and would put his words down, but sadly, no one has ever got to read any of them.

Luckily, that was all about to change when a very special woman named Shalla came across his path.

She noticed Raimundo would always write something and her curiosity didn’t leave her at ease until she approached him one day and asked him about his papers.

After she read his work, she was left stunned but his incredible talent so she decided to do something for him, and her act changed this man’s life forever.

The post got the attention of many people who said his work was indeed extraordinary. They shared it with their friends and very soon, more than 100,000 people followed the page dedicated to Raimundo and couldn’t wait for more poems to be shared on it.

It took one woman that recognized one homeless’ man talent for his life to be turned upside down.

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