Piers Morgan hiring for tv show with News UK and asks ‘no annoying woke snowflakes apply’

Piers Morgan has put out an open call for people to apply to his new TV show with the exception of anyone he deems an ‘annoying woke snowflake’.

After stepping down from Good Morning Britain this year, Piers confirmed that he is joining News UK presenting a show on Rupert Murdoch’s brand new channel talkTV.

Sharing the vacancies, Piers wrote: “We’re hiring for my new show & an exciting new TV network. We only want the very best – so no annoying woke snowflakes need apply, thanks.”

Piers Morgan attends The TRIC Awards 2021

When someone questioned his definition of woke he responded: “I’m ‘woke’ using the original interpretation of being awake to social and racial injustice. Sadly, the word has now been hijacked by illiberal fascists to mean the shaming & cancellation of anyone & anything they don’t like. My show will take on these society-wrecking wastrels.”

News UK is hiring a lot of new roles including, executive producer, series editor, producers, a writer, a video editor, and a booker.

Some fans are excited to see what Piers has been working on, while others are less than impressed with his response.

One critic responded to Piers: “Successful applicants will be prepared to misrepresent, manipulate, sell their soul in pursuit of a good story (truth not essential). Performance judged on ratings, however achieved is irrelevant. Anyone with a conscience, integrity, morals or ethical approach need not apply.”

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Another fired in: “Real journalism challenges & by Jesus we need it UK. Worst Covid deaths & longest waits for hospital in Europe, a collapsing economy with labour shortages,vast inequality. Were sick of Tory press & BBC or Murdoch Tory churnalism obstructing real journalism. Being Woke is non issue”

However, one fan was jumping at the chance to get on the air: “Sign me up, Piers. We could have a lovely time putting the world to rights on your new show. We can discuss what a fucking shambles the world and Great Britain has become. I’ll even do it for mates rates. Let me know pal. x”

In Piers new global deal he will launch a new TV show in early 2022, to air on weeknights in the UK, US and Australia, and present a series of True Crime documentaries.

This is great success after he left Good Morning Britain after receiving over 41,000 Ofcom complaints in 24 hours, however, the regulator later ruled that Piers was entitled to share his opinions after an investigation.


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