Piers Morgan says he’ll be ‘back on TV soon’ amid rumours he is set to announce big move

PIERS Morgan has revealed his return to TV is “coming soon” – just days after he teased a big move. 

The 56-year-old sensationally quit his Good Morning Britain job in March after criticising the Duchess of Sussex over her Oprah interview.


Piers Morgan has said he will be back on TV soonCredit: Getty
Piers posed up with a group of fans and thanked them for their support


Piers posed up with a group of fans and thanked them for their supportCredit: Instagram

But, now it seems the wait is nearly over – as Piers told his followers today about his plans.

Sharing a picture of himself alongside a group of adoring women, he wrote: “Great to meet my Yorkshire fan club this morning. Thanks for all the support, ladies! I’ll be back on TV soon, don’t worry..”

Last week Piers revealed he does have something lined-up after he shut down rumours of a return to GMB once and for all.

Speculation reached boiling point  after Ofcom confirmed he was within his rights to give his opinions on Meghan Markle.

The media watchdog made a landmark ruling that cleared him, which led to some believing he was due to return. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “I put that post on social media asking if I’d get my job back to prove a point.

“I wouldn’t go back, not without a public apology and I’m not going to get one.

“I’ve got much bigger things coming up. The future is exciting. The next project is global, it’s big.

“I can’t say what but people are going to hear about it within the next few weeks.”

Piers stepped down from hosting the programme after saying he didn’t believe Meghan was telling the truth in the bombshell Oprah chat.

He also slammed his former bosses for a statement they released after Ofcom’s ruling.

He jokingly quipped online, “Do I get my job back” after the ruling was made public.

ITV said co-star Susanna Reid, as well as “programme makers”, had provided the “balance and context” that was “key in mitigating against the potential for harm and offence caused by Piers”.

He said in a furious tweet: “Hmmm, ITV have just put out a statement saying I only won the Ofcom case against Princess Pinocchio because my colleagues expressed different opinions to mine.

“That’s not what the Ofcom report says in its conclusion. I suggest ITV reads it again.”

Piers spoke out after Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah
Piers spoke out after Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah
Piers Morgan ‘delighted’ with ‘landmark’ Ofcom ruling as ITV cleared over his Meghan Markle rant

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