Plans To Coast Through Life On Good Looks
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Plans To Coast Through Life On Good Looks

Todd Chrisley’s daughter Savannah took to Instagram recently to announce her big plans on survival — her smile. The gorgeous reality TV star constantly flaunts he incredible looks on Instagram. Moreover, fans know she is the owner of a cosmetics brand. So, it goes without saying that good looks, style, and appearance are things that matter to Savannah. Furthermore, fans know nearly every member of the family has had plastic surgery at one point in time to enhance their appearance. Savannah’s father Todd, for example, is proud to embrace his love for Botox.

Chrisley Knows Best star reveals truth about her online appearance

As we previously reported, Savannah Chrisley once got candid about the persona she presents on Instagram. She noted a lot of it wasn’t real. She explained she creates this character based on what she thinks people want to see. This was something Savannah opened up around the same time she was opening up about her own health issue struggles.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

A lot of Chrisley Knows Best fans admit they are a put turned off by the family’s constant need for plastic surgery. Chase Chrisley was actually praised on Instagram once for being the only “natural” looking family member (excluding Chloe and Grayson of course). Fans begged Chase not to follow his family down the path of plastic surgery. They wanted him to hold onto his natural glow.

Savannah Chrisley plans to smile her way through life

About a week ago, Savannah shared a photo of herself from inside of her vehicle. She had her hair pushed back and her sunglasses resting on top of her head. She flashed a huge smile for the camera. She was glowing with joy.

“Just tryin to smile my way through life… I’ll let ya know how it goes,” she penned in the caption of her selfie. She concluded the caption by reassuring her fans she would let them know how living off her smile worked for her.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram
Savannah Chrisley Instagram

In the comments, some of her followers admit having money to pay for her good looks and lifestyle certainly makes things a little easier for her. For the most part, however, fans love Savannah. And, they agree that smile is incredible.

Do you think Savannah Chrisley could survive on nothing more than her smile? Does she place too much value on her looks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the reality TV star.




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