Playboy models share negative Instagram DMs – including men who want to ‘rent’ them

Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate over the last 15 years – whether that’s chatting to our friends or trying to reach celebrities.

And, compared to even the early 2000s, our favourite stars and models are more reachable than ever thanks to Instagram.

But, we all know that social media can have a dark side with negative messages, bullying and harassment being all-too-common.

If you’ve ever received unwanted or cruel comments or messages on your socials then maybe you can sympathise with those who are sent hundreds every week.

Four Playboy cover models have opened up about the private messages they’re sent on Instagram – including bizarre requests to men who want to rent them out as girlfriends.

As models, these women are in the public eye because of their stunning beauty, but that doesn’t mean their DM’s are filled with lovely sentiments.

Vanusa has had insulting comments in her inbox

Vanusa Freitas, a Playboy bunny, said that she received lots of messages many of which asked her if she’d had plastic surgery or even whether she’d take money to be their girlfriend.

The model commented: “People are suspicious if what I post of my body is real.

“This caused a bit of an existential crisis.

“But this just made me abandon Photoshop and show more of my real body.”

Meanwhile, Lu Duarte, who has featured on the cover of Playboy and won Miss Butt World 2020, said she’d received lots of hate after dancing at Carnival – an annual festival in Brazil.

Lu explained: “They said I didn’t know how to samba, I was very discouraged and I even refused invitations to the next Carnival because of that.”

And, the haters didn’t stop there as they also comment on her figure.

Lu prefers to be called 'fitness curve'
Lu prefers to be called ‘fitness curve’

The model noted: “I saw a lot of comments denying that I was fitness curves.”

Fitness curve is the term Lu chooses to use for models who are a larger dress size as she considers the common term “plus size” to be “prejudiced” and sexily.

Lu said: “It’s about being fit, but having curves.

“I know I’m representing a lot of people who work hard at the gym but will never have a body like Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss.”

Meanwhile, gorgeous Playboy model Ju Isen has claimed that she recently had to take time away from social media.

The brunette beauty suffered with a lot of negativity after going to the Brazil Carnival and accidentally showing nudity.

Ju prefers to stay away from social media
Ju prefers to stay away from social media

She received negative comments and messages, as she said: “I spent a lot on psychological treatment not to do the worst to me. I still stay away from social media because it makes me very depressed.”

And, sizzling model Iasmin Santos, who starred on Playboy Spain, admitted that she gets upset when people comment on her body in the comments of her Instagram posts.

The beauty spent £32,000 on plastic surgery in 2020 and said she felt life a “new person”.

But, she finds it difficult when people criticise her looks.

Iasmin said: “It’s a lot of pressure, hard to deal with.”

Have you ever dealt with haters in your DMs? Tell us in the comments section…


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