Pokimane catches out “down bad” Twitch fan in hilarious viral TikTok messages

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys deals with confessions of love from her Twitch fanbase on a daily basis. One fan went viral though after his hilarious Instagram DMs with the streaming star leaked, showing off just how “down bad” some people are.

As far as Twitch relationships go, Pokimane is near the top of a list of a lot of fans. It’s evolved into somewhat of a meme, but there’s still hundreds, if not thousands, of Tier 3 subs gunning for a deeper relationship with the Twitch star.

While the vast majority of thirsty messages get left on read, one poor fan had their “down bad” DMs with the Twitch star exposed in a now-viral TikTok.

Twitter: Pokimane

Pokimane exposed one “down bad” Twitch fan and their hilarious Instagram DMs.

User ‘knockoffvaseline’ sent a pretty lengthy declaration to Pokimane on June 15, professing their love to the Twitch star.

“I’m kinda hoping that you won’t see this. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much, you have done so much for me and you don’t even know it,” their message said.

“You were there when nobody else was, you were there when nobody else cared. And I was not in a great place before I found you, and I’m still not really in a great place now. But you wanna make me keep going.”

“I know that you are a person and you have feelings so if it ever gets too much for you please just set back for a bit. Nobody will be made. Okay now I sound kinda stupid but anyways the point is, I wanted to say thank you and I love you.”


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However, they blew their cover in an awkward August 10 message, replying to one of Pokimane’s stories with “I’m pooping”. That got the Twitch star’s attention, and knockoffvaseline was left red-faced.

“The contrast between your two messages hahaha. Much love,” Pokimane replied. All they could say back was “oops”, but now Pokimane had definitely seen their hand, and the embarrassing moment has since gone viral with nearly 10,000 likes on TikTok at the time of publishing.

For this Twitch fan, it’s unlikely that Pokimane would take up their offer of love. However, she isn’t necessarily against looking for a relationship in her chat ⁠— so keep shooting your shot.

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