Police Scold ‘Bridezilla’ for Scaling a 6-Foot Metal Fence for Photos

  • Authorities in Derbyshire, England, called out the unidentified couple on Facebook.
  • The couple and a professional photographer allegedly scaled a six-foot fence at Foremark Reservoir.
  • The area closed after locals ignored calls to avoid Foremark Reservoir’s ‘toxic’ water.

A couple was dubbed “groomzilla” and “bridezilla” after they allegedly scaled a six-foot fence to take photos at a reservoir considered ‘toxic,’ authorities said.

The Melbourne Police SNT shared a pointed message to the couple in a Facebook post that scolded locals for bypassing the barrier fence at Foremark Water, a reservoir in South Derbyshire, UK.

“To the bride who scaled a 6-foot metal fence in a wedding dress with her groom in the toe for a photography session on the reservoir’s shoreline – what were you thinking?” the post read.

“With no respect for the newly-constructed safety barriers, these newlyweds, along with a professional photographer, clambered over a restricted enclosure and descended to a sandy area to pose for some matrimonial snaps,” the post continued.

According to the post, the water company that operates the reservoir chose to erect the fence to stop locals from entering and swimming in the water. In July, Staffordshire-Live reported that the water is intense, has strong currents, and is toxic.

The Melbourne Police SNT added in its Facebook post that Foremark Water is not a photoshoot location.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Foremark Water is not the set of a Maldives wedding backdrop – it is a working reservoir, and the barriers are there for a reason,” the post read. “Your Safer Neighbourhood Team has been working with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and Severn Trent Water rangers to teach people about the dangers of going near the toxic waters at the location.”

The post also called out a group of young people who allegedly tore down the fence and others.

“Over several days of shame this summer, dozens of unruly people were observed swimming in dangerous waters, parking illegally on nearby roads, and urinating in public. Derbyshire Constabulary strongly condemned this behavior,” the post read.

Authorities added that warned of the dangers “of the icy, deep and algae-infested waters, which contains many unseen obstacles below, and also to the potential impact on lower reproductive parts due to the presence of significant concentrations of alkaline in the water.”


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