Portia De Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres’ Relationship In Crisis, At Risk Of Divorcing?

What’s going on with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi‘s relationship in the wake of the allegations against The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Several months ago, Gossip Cop confronted a report about the two in crisis. Let’s look back on that story to see how it shook out.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Toxic Work Means Toxic Marriage?

According to New Idea, DeGeneres and de Rossi’s marriage was struggling to weather her workplace scandal. Friends of the two reportedly feared de Rossi would “end up bearing the brunt of Ellen’s downfall” and were begging the Arrested Development star to “get out before it’s too late.” An insider said, “Portia has her mental health issues to deal with,” and she didn’t need to be saddled with her wife’s issues as well.

We were immediately dubious to this story because de Rossi was very supportive of her wife throughout the entire scandal. That very week, she told Page Six that DeGeneres was doing “great.” With Instagram-official support, we just didn’t buy that the scandal was destroying the marriage.

Did They Break Up?

Nope! This story came and went, as have dozens of other DeGeneres divorce stories, without any court filings or breakups. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are still together. De Rossi even made a rare appearance on Ellen to celebrate her wife’s 3,000th episode. She’s backed up DeGeneres from the beginning of the scandal and continues to support her to this day.

There are too many stories about de Rossi and Degeneres breaking up to even count. They’re still together through the toxicity allegations and will still be together when DeGeneres ends her show next year. Recently, they went to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations together. Couples that vax together stay together.

Other DeGeneres Rumors

New Idea cannot leave DeGeneres and de Rossi alone. A few months ago, it claimed the two were moving to Australia to save the marriage. Even when The Ellen DeGeneres Show ends, both of their careers will still be tethered to Hollywood, so that story’s impossible. Last year, it also doubled down on the idea that DeGeneres was bullying her wife. These stories always rely on shady sources and never on hard evidence.

This was a very unoriginal story claiming DeGeneres would bully her wife just like her employees. It lacked any proof and predicted events that did not happen. DeGeneres and de Rossi have survived the toxic workplace scandal and have their eyes set on the future. Whether that future includes gorillas remains to be seen, but we expect to read more nonsense about the stars from New Idea either way.

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