Big Brother 23 live-feed: Possible halfway party + eviction talk

There are a couple of things worth noting within this Big Brother 23 live feed update, but let’s kick things off with this: We’re around a milestone! The feeds went down a matter of minutes ago, and we have to assume that it’s the halfway party. This is one of the few times in a season where feeds go down for something unrelated to the game itself.

Congratulations to all of the houseguests who have made it this far! Of course, there is also still a game that needs to be played…

As of right now, it’s pretty darn clear in our mind that Britini is being evicted from the game. The moment that Sarah Beth confirmed that she’s evicting her this afternoon, that was when it was more or less confirmed in our mind. She just doesn’t have the numbers, and the only hope she had was that all of the non-Cookout people voted together and then Azah joined them. That’s not happening.

So instead of thinking TOO much about tomorrow, we think instead a lot of Cookout people are looking ahead. A number of the players would prefer to get Derek X. out next week, largely due to the fact that he is a huge competition threat and he’s accumulating a lot of BB Bucks. We’re not sure he recognizes how badly he needs to win HoH coming up, but the good news is that he’s a competitor. At this point in the season, we can’t imagine him feeling all that comfortable with where he is in the game.

What do you want to see moving forward on Big Brother 23?

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