Post about serial number on samosa goes viral, eatery shares quirky response

“Samosas I ordered had serial numbers. Can tech pls stay away from my halwai,” reads the caption shared along with a picture of the dish.

Serial numbers are significant when it comes to identifying different products. However, who would have thought that they are also required on the delicious street food samosa. That is what exactly happened, and now a post about it is going viral online. The post and the reply from the eatery that prepared the dish have left people chuckling.

The tweet was shared by a user of the micro-blogging platform Nitin Misra. “Samosas I ordered had serial numbers. So can tech pls stay away from my halwai,” he tweeted along with an image. The image shows two samosas with serial numbers engraved on them.

Take a look at the post:

Since being shared on September 1, the post has gathered more than 12,000 likes, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also accumulated tons of comments, including one from Samosa Party restaurant that prepared the samosas.

They wrote, “After tech penetrated ‘Sonars,’ Halwai in us got FOMO.” Their response also received a reply from Misra.

Many expressed how they love the food prepared by the eatery. Here’s how some others reacted.

“This is scary – what’s next rasgulla with QR code?” shared a Twitter user. “Tech-enabled samosa. SaaS – Samosa as a service,” joked another. “So, what’s next?? The barcode on Gulab Jamuns and Jalebis at Bengali Market?” shared another.

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