Pot-smoking mum mortified as kids tell head teacher about her ‘weed bag’

A mum was mortified when her kids mentioned her “weed bag” to their head teacher.

Caitlin Fladager is from Vancouver, Canada, where cannabis is legal.

But even though she doesn’t break any rules by smoking pot, she probably doesn’t want to discuss recreational drugs in the school playground!

On Instagram, the 27-year-old shared a video off herself miming lyrics to 50 Cent song P.I.M.P.

She mouths the words: “I don’t know what you heard about me”, and turns away from the camera in embarrassment.

Caitlin captioned the amusing clip: “When you see your kids principal after they told her that her dress with leaves looks like mummy’s weed bag.”


Caitlin added: “Yes, this really happened…

“Back story – it was ‘tropical day’ at school so she was dressed in a Hawaiian dress with leaves all over it, same as what my weed bag has all over it. We all laughed.”

The post garnered more than 15,300 likes – and many thought it was hilarious that the mum’s kids dropped her in it.

One commenter laughed: “Omg! I’m so afraid of this happening!”

And another wrote: “I love it!”

Caitlin wants to break the stigma that surrounds smoking weed
(Image: caitlinfladager/Instagram)

Caitlin is a proud “weed mum” who tries to break the stigma that surrounds cannabis.

In a recent post, she proudly puffed on a spliff.

The influencer captioned the image: “Yes, I have two kids. Yes, I smoke weed. ⁣It’s so funny to my how frowned upon marijuana is.

“No one looks twice when a mum says she enjoys ‘mum juice’ AKA wine, after her kids are in bed. But when a mum says she smokes weed, it’s a huge shock.

“I talk about this to bring awareness. I feel as not enough people talk about this.”

Caitlin Fladager
Caitlin has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram
(Image: Caitlin Fladager/Instagram)

Caitlin added: “Marijuana has helped me so much, especially when it comes to being a mum…

“I have never been the most patient with my two kids.

“Weed makes me a better mum, as I get a good night sleep after I smoke. I wake up well rested, and with a more clear mind. ⁣

⁣“It’s okay to smoke weed after your kids go to bed. ⁣

⁣“It’s okay to smoke it to help with anxiety. Mine has been SO much better since I started smoking.

“It’s okay to smoke instead of drink. I used to have a problem with drinking, and my behaviour that came along with that. Weed has helped me to stop drinking so much, and to be honest, I much prefer smoking over drinking.”


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