Pregnant wife heartbroken over cheating husband – and his excuses boil blood

A wife was left devastated when she discovered her husband had an affair with his colleague – all while she was pregnant with their baby daughter.

Speaking of her shocking ordeal on Reddit, the woman said that she started to notice her husband was getting close to a female staff member months before she gave birth to their first baby.

She revealed: “I had told him for months that I didn’t feel comfortable with their relationship.

“They were talking on the phone more than he talked to me and they were spending time together outside of work – more time together than we did.”

At first, the husband tried to make his wife appear as the guilty one.

She explained: “He made me feel like I was being jealous and insecure for no reason. I was pregnant at the time so I was already feeling insecure. I didn’t want to be a controlling spouse so I left it alone.”

A woman was devastated when she caught her husband cheating

The wife put her doubts of her husband’s infidelity to bed, until their little girl turned four months old.

The new mummy discovered that her husband was in fact sleeping with the woman she suspected he was sleeping with from work.

She added: “His ’emotional affair’ became a physical one. Even though in the back of my mind I knew it was likely to happen, it still devastated me.”

On confrontation, the new dad attempted to give his heartbroken spouse some “stupid” reasons for cheating which caused him to “cross that line” to begin with.

“He said it was because our baby shared a bed with us so he didn’t get to ‘cuddle’ me as much. He said I was tired because of the baby and I didn’t want to watch TV with him”, she commented.

The lass took to Reddit for advice

Reflecting on her horrific experience, the wife added: “I just can’t get over how f***ing stupid it all is. To gaslight me for so long; to lie to my face; it just seems like such a waste of time.”

Shockingly, her husband also told her he was trying to ‘help’ his colleague after she was going through a difficult time after the breakdown of her own relationship.

Met with a distressing dilemma, the mum said that she had thoughts about ending the relationship. However, the new mum expressed some anxiety about not being about to support herself and her new-born baby financially.

“I want to be separated. But finances are so tight. I left my job to be with the baby.” said the mum.

“He was the one who wanted me to get pregnant. But he didn’t touch me for most of our pregnancy because ‘it’s weird’. Our daughter deserves better.”

After posting about her devastating discovery on Reddit, many users told the mum to ‘throw’ the husband and new father out.

One user said: “These are not valid reasons to cheat. There are only two reasons. Because he wanted to. Because he could.”

Another user commented: “ Blaming the entire cheating on you. None of it is your fault. It is 100% his fault.”

A third person added: “He abused you. Cheating is nothing but selfish behaviour.

“Even his ‘reasons’ are me, me, me. There is no future with a man who is not remorseful and doesn’t do the work to find out why he made the disgusting choice that he did.”

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