Pregnant woman sparks debate after peeing into drinking glass in bizarre ‘gender reveal’

One mother-to-be has sparked debate on TikTok after she peed in a drinking cup as part of a bizarre “gender reveal”.

Bartender and TikToker Michelle Charlotte (@michellebellexo) posted a video of herself trying out the trick, where a woman urinates into a cup of baking soda, apparently to determine the sex of the unborn child.

If the mixture fizzes, it means the woman is having a baby, whereas if the mixture remains flat, it’s supposed to signal that she’s having a girl – so the old wives’ tale goes. It goes without saying, but there is no evidence that this method accurately gives the baby’s gender.

In the video, the TikToker reveals that the mixture has remained flat – meaning that, according to this test, she would be having a girl.

But, after she shared the video, viewers were more concerned about the glass that Michelle had used for the experiment, which appeared to be a drinking glass.

Since posting, her experiment has received 16.7m views, with 1.1m likes and thousands of comments from people.

One person wrote: “…you peed in one of your DRINKING GLASSES?!?!?”

Someone else added: “Ok girl I normally love your videos and congrats really but NOT THE DRINKING GLASSES.”

“You throw the glass after?” A third person asked.

Some, though, jumped to Michelle’s defence and noted that the TikToker would’ve thoroughly washed the drinking glasses she used.

One person wrote: “It’s like no one know that you can CLEAN it.”

“Do people forget that beer bottles are reused over and over and over???? What do y’all think stores do with returns?” Another person asked.

Someone else added: “People are way too upset by this.”

Meanwhile, one person stitched the TikTok and shared her thoughts. Jenae (@thisisjenae) says in response: “This is exactly why my mom told me not to eat at everybody house.”

She said she was confused as to why Michelle had used a drinking glass, but said she would not care if Michelle ended up throwing it away.

But Jenae soon learned that Michelle had not thrown the glasses away. Michelle had responded to one comment: “Haven’t y’all heard of washing glasses? Nothing some hot water and dish soap can’t clean.”

Jenae then said: “I don’t care if you boil that glass in bleach and vinegar; if I came to your house, and I found out I drank out of one of the glasses you pissed in, I’m getting charged with assault and battery.”

Jenae’s response video has also gone viral with nearly 540,000 views and over 110,000 likes.


“Nah she’s absolutely ATROCIOUS for that,” another person wrote.

But once again, TikTok seemed divided over this particular issue as some continued to defend Michelle in Janae’s video comments.

One person wrote: “Y’all are dramatic.”

“There is nothing wrong with that… if y’all don’t wash your dishes properly just say that,” another person said.

In the end, after all this discussion surrounding her experiment (and the glasses she used), Michelle posted again, revealing that doctors confirmed she was having a boy – not a girl like the experiment had predicted.

Fancy that, eh?

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