Prince Charles Does Not Want Prince Andrew Back In Royal Inner Circle

Younger brothers can be a real pain in the … neck, just ask Prince Charles. The heir to the throne, who reportedly recommended to his mother that Prince Andrew be revealed from public duties back in 2019. All of this over his connections with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. As new information surrounding the potential sexual misconduct of Prince Andrew emerges, Charles is literally trying to figure out what to do with his brother. One thing seems to be clear for Charles. Andrew is not going to be a visible part of the royal family.

Why This Is News Again


Prince Andrew was recently “accused” of trying to rehabilitate his image after the death of his father, Prince Philip. He had been seen closer to the Queen in recent days. On Monday he actually got accused, no quotes there, of sexual assault in a Manhattan federal court. The lawsuit was filed by Virginia Roberts. A long-time accuser of Andrew, and potentially part of the massive parties that his good pal Jeffrey Epstein used to throw, back in the day.

Andrew Denies The Claims

Prince Andrew goes horse riding in Windsor

As we mentioned, the accusations are not necessarily new. However, at this point, authorities claim that an actual notice of the lawsuit against Prince Andrew has been sent over to the UK. To the Royal lodge that he shares with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Andrew has 21 days to reply to the court summons. What could be even more concerning is the fact that UK authorities are mulling over whether to launch an investigation of their own into the matter. So far, that’s just a threat, if you will. However, it’s likely that Prince Andrew will have to make some sort of appearance in court in Manhattan!

Hiding Out With The Queen

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Currently, Prince Andrew is actually staying with the Queen at her Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The place where she spends her summer break. He even brought along his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson on the trip. Another name that was tied to Epstein in recent weeks. Quite frankly, the only reason why UK authorities have not played a bigger role in the case against Prince Andrew is, precisely because, he is the Queen’s son. This whole issue is what has Charles all riled up!

No Royal Duties For Andrew

The Prince of Wales visited Riversimple

At this point, Prince Charles is certain that there is no way back for Andrew into Royal life. A source close to Charles claims,

“This will probably further strengthen in the prince’s mind that a way back for the duke is demonstrably not possible, because the specter of this [accusation] raises its head with hideous regularity,”

The problem for Charles and the rest of the family is that if the lawsuit against Andrew gains legs, they’re going to have to continue with tense media scrutiny that could look worse than anything they’ve ever faced. At that point, what would be the best thing for the institution? Let Andrew be taken to jail? Figure out a way to put up some hush money? As Prince Charles becomes more involved in running The Royal Family with the Queen in her mid-90s it’s certainly a problem he’ll have to deal with.

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