Prince Charles No Longer Becoming King, Digging His Own Grave With Bribery Scandal?

Are Prince Charles’ scandals going to hurt him even more in the long run? According to one tabloid, Queen Elizabeth feels confident in her decision to bypass Prince Charles as the next king because of the shady activity he’s been involved in. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Prince Charles ‘Can’t Hide From Bribe Scandal?’

According to the National Enquirer, Queen Elizabeth “has doubled down on her decision” to bypass Prince Charles as England’s next monarch. The queen’s decision results from Prince Charles’ bribery scandal. Apparently, Prince Charles is doing everything he can to detach himself from the situation. “Charles had hoped he could persuade his mother he’d been betrayed by a few rogue elements,” an insider snitches. 

However, “the latest revelations have left him with more egg on his face,” the royal source says. Now more than ever, Queen Elizabeth is “convinced” she’s “made the right decision that Charles must be passed over, and William will be king!” In addition to a bribery scandal, Prince Charles also finds himself involved in an assault case involving Michael Fawcett and a former royal valet, George Smith. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth isn’t the only one fed up with Prince Charles, as Smith’s brother Bryan is too. “I would call for a broader investigation into complaints against both Fawcett and Prince Charles!” Bryan says.

Is Queen Elizabeth Not Going to Make Prince Charles King? 

A tabloid like the National Enquirer rarely publishes a story that contains any truth. However, the Prince Charles narrative is partially true, as he’s currently involved in an ever-evolving scandal. Prince Charles is facing allegations that he exchanged royal honors like knighthood for exorbitant donations to his charity. 

Despite the nasty allegations, Queen Elizabeth still has no control over whether or not Prince Charles becomes England’s next king. Only Parliament could make the decision to pass up on Prince Charles or make any changes to the line of succession. Unless Prince Charles happens to pass away before Queen Elizabeth, there’s no way he’s not becoming the next king. 

Royal Family Drama 

The royal family always has some sort of drama circulating, although the claims aren’t always accurate. For example, one tabloid alleged Kate Middleton was “buckling under pressure of royal life,” causing her to drop to 95 pounds. Gossip Cop found the narrative entirely made up and appeared to be an easy way to take shots at Middleton. 

Another story alleged Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were banned from the royal family. Apparently, Prince Harry’s book deal would serve as a tell-all, leading to the decision to ban him and Markle from royal grounds. Again, there was no evidence Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were kicked out of the royal family. Despite the real royal scandals, the tabloids would rather invent ones of their own.


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