Prince Charles Taking $20 Million Dukedom From Prince Edward?

Is Prince Charles denying his brother, Prince Edward, the title of Duke of Edinburgh? One tabloid insists it’s all part of Prince Charles’s “ruthless grab for power.” Gossip Cop investigates.

Prince Charles ‘Snatches’ Title Away From Prince Edward?

This week, the Globe reports Prince Charles is refusing to grant his younger brother, Prince Edward, the title of Duke of Edinburgh, despite their father promising him the position. The magazine insists it’s all part of Charles’s desperate bid to hold onto power as public pressure for him to step out of the line of succession increases. That being said, the tabloid claims his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, isn’t happy about the development.

An insider dishes, “His refusal to pass on his late father Phillip’s dukedom to Edward is a slap in the face to both their parents,” adding, “More than two decades ago, the queen and Phillip decreed Edinburgh should go to Edward.” Despite his parents’ wishes, the outlet maintains that Charles plans to keep the title for himself, along with the $20 million annual income that accompanies it.

“Royalty never likes to discuss money, treating it as in bad taste, but the throne is worth a fortune, and Charles and Camilla know it,” the tipster adds. But the source insists it’s about more than the money. According to the report, Charles feels his grasp on power slipping as his son, Prince William, skyrockets in popularity. “Besides gaining a heck of a lot of prestige, they’ll get a huge pot of gold if they beat William to the throne!”

Prince Charles ‘Grabbing The Reigns Of The Monarchy’?

When will the tabloids realize that the line of succession isn’t something random royals can edit. As long as Charles is alive, he is in no danger of being skipped over in the line of succession. It doesn’t matter how popular Prince William is, Prince Charles is next in line for King of England. Furthermore, as it stands, Charles currently has no authority over who the title of Duke of Edinburgh goes to. Until he becomes king, he will retain the title. When he ascends to the throne, and only then, will have the option to hand it over to his brother or not.

A representative for Charles addressed the rumors in a statement to People, “All stories of this nature are speculation and no final decisions have been taken. It would be inappropriate and disrespectful to the Queen to comment on matters of accession and we will be maintaining our long-standing policy of not doing so.” Until Charles takes the throne, it isn’t worth discussing.

Furthermore, it’s no secret the royal family is loaded, but the title of Duke of Edinburgh itself does not generate any kind of revenue. While the inner workings of royal salaries are a complicated and private business, the title itself does not promise any kind of “fortune” as the tabloid puts it. With the context considered, the outlet’s story about Charles’s power grab doesn’t make any sense.

The Tabloid On The British Royal Family

The Globe has proved completely unreliable when it comes to the royals. Earlier this year, the magazine alleged Prince Charles was seizing power from Queen Elizabeth. Then the tabloid claimed Queen Elizabeth was stepping down. The publication reported Camilla Parker Bowles was dying from cancer. And most recently, the outlet alleged Charles was cutting Prince Harry out of his will. Obviously, nothing the tabloid says about the royals can be trusted.

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