Prince Harry ‘Fed Up’ With Meghan Markle Controlling His Life, Spending Their Money?

According to recent tabloid coverage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t stopped fighting for a while now. At Gossip Cop, we’ve gathered the most recent rumors regarding the stability of Prince Harry and Markle’s marriage to see if all the bickering will have nasty consequences. So let’s dig in! 

Prince Harry Fed Up With Meghan Markle Burning Money On Clothes?

Last month, In Touch alleged Prince Harry had had enough of Meghan Markle’s excessive spending when it came to her wardrobe. According to a royal source, Markle’s wardrobe costs “at least $3 million,” as it’s filled with designer items and expensive jewelry. Although Markle acquired most of her high-end articles while she and Prince Harry were members of the royal family, she hadn’t “eased up on the shopping” upon moving to the US. 

“She’s not on a budget, and it bothers Harry even though he won’t say it,” the insider tattled. Even though Prince Harry was set to receive $20 million for his memoir, he still felt Markle’s shopping was out of hand. The source noted that the purpose of Prince Harry’s memoir was to tell his story, not so “Meghan could blow the money on her clothes and accessories.”

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Is Prince Harry Tired Of Being ‘Second Best’? 

After their cover photo for Time was released, WHO reported Prince Harry was tired of living in Meghan Markle’s shadow. According to the outlet, the way the couple posed for the magazine caused ridicule from several people. Prince Harry is posed behind Markle in the said cover shot with his hand resting on her shoulder. The primary issue people had with the pose was that it was “emasculating” for Prince Harry. 

The tabloid then pointed out Prince Harry has been living in someone’s shadow all his life. When they were kids, Prince Harry felt like the “spare heir” to his brother Prince William. Apparently, Prince Harry had finally grown tired of being second-best. 

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Fight During Their Trip To New York City?

Reports of Prince Harry and Markle fighting and having a terrible time in New York City came only a few days ago from In Touch. According to the tabloid, when the couple was in public, they were all smiles. However, when Prince Harry and Markle were alone, things got nasty. An insider leaked that “behind closed doors, they were miserable.” 

So what was causing all the fighting? The tabloid noted that before their appearance at Global Citizen Live, the duo couldn’t agree on Lilibet’s christening. “Harry and Meghan got into an explosive argument about Lilibet being christened in London,” the royal source said. What started off as a normal conversation quickly “spiraled into the nastiest fight they’ve ever had,” the insider revealed. 

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