Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Held Liable For Royal Family’s Missing $35 Million?

Were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to blame for a $35 million royal shortfall? Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop confronted a story about the oft-maligned royals running off with millions. Let’s look back on that story and see what actually happened.

Royally Irresponsible

According to Woman’s Day, the royal family was running a $35 million loss. Prince Charles was pointing his finger not at COVID-19, but at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The two secretly withdrew money for their royal exit, including cash for “private jets” and “security,” a source said, and Markle’s “wardrobe costs alone far exceeded usual spends.” The family was relying on a horrified Kate Middleton to keep everyone together.

Gossip Cop didn’t buy this for a second. The expenditures listed, like a trip to South Africa, were done as official royal business. The Sussexes were being blamed for doing their jobs as senior royals. Why Middleton would be responsible for the family checkbook is anyone’s guess. The royal family is a billion-dollar enterprise with access to, you know, financial managers and accountants.

Did They Steal The Money?

Absolutely not! This story came and went, yet we never heard a peep about Harry and Markle’s stolen $35 million. In fact, we’ve learned that this story was even more bogus than we thought. During the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Markle revealed that it was Tyler Perry who paid for their security in the United States, not the royal family.

Harry has faced some scrutiny over the money management of his charities. A UK watchdog took umbrage with a $205,000 donation given from Prince William’s Royal Foundation to Harry’s Royal Foundation in 2019. However, the two were cleared of any wrongdoing. Both foundations acted within the law, although the charities have still faced criticism for spending more on legal fees than doing good.

The rest of the royal family could be in for a whirlwind 2021. The Pandora Papers reveal that the Queen’s Estate may have purchased $91 million property from Azerbaijan’s royal family, one embroiled in corruption scandals. This scandal is just starting up, but it looks like some senior royals have some explaining to do.

Other Royal Tall Tales

This outlet went on to claim Harry was reuniting with his ex when no such thing ever occurred. It also reported that Charles was trying to win custody of Archie. He’s an ocean away, so that was bogus as well. The secrets of the Queen’s finances are tabloid legend, but we know for a fact Markle and Harry are not to blame for last year’s shortfall.


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