Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Ready To Step Out And Resume Public Life

If you’re wondering why we haven’t heard much from Harry and Meghan Markle in recent months, it’s because they were both on maternity leave. However, that is set to change here real soon, according to sources close to the couple. They’ll be leaving their self-imposed maternity leave, (because it’s not like they got time off from their 9 to 5). The co-author of Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie says the couple is gearing up for a big return to public life. She gave out a couple of details from what we can expect to see from the Sussexes moving forward.  

You Need To Be Seen To Be Believed  


Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth has always said that she needed to be seen to be believed. If the reports are true, Harry is a little afraid of being forgotten about. So there’s no question that he wants to get back out in public as soon as possible. Scobie said the couple are getting ready for a much more public post-Royal life, mentioning they are entering into “”the era of visibility,”. 

The problem that the couple is going to face, though, is that they don’t have official duties where they can be seen. Does the era of visibility include Royal walkabouts on Rodeo Drive?    

Not Exactly Walkabouts On Rodeo Drive 

YouTube Star Austin McBroom causes chaos forcing Rodeo Drive to close down during a apos Meetup apos

Scobie was clear that the couple is looking to be more visible. She mentioned on the topic, 

“They’re a couple who do very well in those moments of human interaction. They need to be on the ground” 

This could mean a couple of visits to Haiti for example, and other areas in need. One of the biggest troubles though that the couple could be facing is having enough security to make these types of trips. They would have to pay the bill for their security detail if they decided to go on walkabouts. Potentially without much help from local authorities that they did have when they were working royals.  

Money Is Not A Problem Though

Diana Princess Of Wales Statue Unveiling At Kensington Palace

The good thing for the couple is that they have the financial side of things more or less covered. With the deals, they’ve signed with streaming services in the past couple of months. Scobe seems to think this will allow them to focus more on their charity work. Instead of having to trash the Royal Family in exchange for cash. Which, is basically the strategy that brought them their sought-after financial independence. Harry’s currently writing his memoirs and has already received plenty of money upfront for the book. 

They’ve Hinted At Their Return Through Their Foundation Website  

Prince Harry arriving at Kew Gardens in London

Harry and Meghan have hinted at a big return to public life through their Archwell foundation site. They put out a personal note on Tuesday that referenced mental health. With a line that essentially gave away some of their upcoming intentions. The note read, 

“Though we are not meant to live in a state of suffering, we, as a people, are being conditioned to accept it, It’s easy to find ourselves feeling powerless, but we can put our values into action — together.”    

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