Prince Harry Regrets Leaving The UK, New Feud Between Meghan Markle And Princess Eugenie, And This Week’s Top Royal Reports

Side by side images of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Princess Eugenie.

It’s been another riveting week regarding the royal family. Most notably, Meghan Markle turned 40 on Wednesday, and her birthday video caused quite a stir (both good and bad, of course).

Yet here at Gossip Cop, it was the never-ending swirl of rumors concerning unhappy marriages and new feuds igniting that really caught our eye. So we dug into some of the most salacious royal reports of the week to separate fairy tales from harsh realities. So as always, pour a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy the show.

‘Homesick’ Prince Harry Starting To ‘Regret’ Leaving The UK?

Prince Harry in a blue shirt
(Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images)

Moving away from your friends and family and the only life you ever knew is no easy feat, even for a prince.

Even though it’s been well over a year since the red-headed prince hopped the pond, a recent report detailed that Harry has “pangs of regret” over the move. Apparently, Prince Harry has one major case of FOMO, enviously watching his older brother attend sporting events and old friends enjoy a pint at the local pub during a football match.

This all seems quite in the realm of possibility, but something felt off to us about the story. As such, we dug in further — see our full conclusion here.

‘Dueling Christenings’ Sparking ‘New Feud’ Between Meghan Markle And Princess Eugenie?

side by side photos of Meghan Markle in a blue jacket and Princess Eugenie in a silver and green dress
(Kirsty Wigglesworth-WPA Pool/Getty Images, Yui Mok-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

From the number of damning reports we see regularly, Meghan Markle appears to enjoy feuding with just about every member of the royal family. This week, Woman’s Day ran a story claiming Princess Eugenie was tired of taking a backseat to the attention her cousin-in-law allegedly seeks out.

After having to postpone her own christening due to COVID concerns, Eugenie is said to now be worried sick over Meghan’s supposed “showy California ceremony” that will result in duel christenings. Yet the evil witch of the west, aka Meghan Markle, is refusing to let Eugenie know her plans, allegedly to cause more drama that she craves.

Considering how often Markle gets painted the enemy of the royal family, we knew to raise an eyebrow at the story.

Report: Meghan Markle Was Obsessed With Prince William And The Royal Family Long Before She Ever Met Prince Harry

Meghan Markle looking annoyed
(Getty Images)

Have more lies from the infamous Oprah interview been uncovered? That is what a new story from In Touch alleges this week, claiming that Meghan Markle’s confession that she hadn’t researched or known much about the royal family was pure deception.

According to their inside source, friends of Meghan have spilled the beans, saying that not only was she a royal family fanatic, but that she even had the hots for her new brother-in-law.

Was it all part of Meghan’s master plan to weasel her way in, whichever brother she could seduce? It’s quite the story, so we took a deep dive into it.

Did Princess Eugenie’s Husband Abandon Her And Their Newborn Son To Party On Yacht In Italy?

Jack Brooksbank wears a black suit and stands slightly behind his wife, Princess Eugenie, in a cream blouse
(WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Apparently, this was not a good week for Princess Eugenie. However, there was a lot of chatter once photos surfaced of her husband Jack Brooksbank partying on a yacht with beautiful models, leaving many to wonder about his wife and 5-month-old child left at home.

The Mail really spearheaded the rumors, with a headline that read: “Good luck explaining these photographs to Eugenie, Jack! Princess’s husband is spotted on a boat in Capri with three glamorous women — including topless models — while the wife is stuck at home with the baby.”

Yikes. Is there trouble at home between Eugenie and Jack? We took a closer look.


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