Prince William Caught Snapping At Kate Middleton Amid Tense Vacation?

Kate Middleton leans in to talk to Prince William at Wimbledon

Did Prince William scream at Kate Middleton until she cried? One report says the two had a spot on vacation, and now tensions are high. How is this all Meghan Markle’s fault? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘The Moment Wills Snapped’

According to New Idea, the stress of Prince Harry and Markle’s upcoming books pushed Prince William and Middleton to skip town. A vacation to the Isles of Scilly should have calmed everyone down, but it apparently only made things worse. A source says, “It wasn’t quite the idyllic vacation by the sea this year for Wills and Kate.”

The book announcement really dampened what should have been a lovely vacation, the outlet notes. The source explains, “When William is upset, Kate has a hard time jollying him out of his moods.” Prince William is reportedly also preoccupied with his father’s attempt to turn Camilla Parker Bowles into a queen consort once he takes the throne.

“Charles openly promised Camilla would never be queen out of respect for Diana” a source explains. “Now it’s an open secret within palace staff that Charles is intending to go back on that promise.”

Is There A War At The Palace?

The cover of this issue uses the words “Kate’s tears” and promises to go inside “the moment Wills snapped.” The story itself does not feature any tears and instead describes a lackluster vacation. This is a classic bait-and-switch from a tabloid notorious for them. New Idea is intentionally misleading its readers into buying a magazine with no intention of delivering the snapping story.

As Gossip Cop pointed out to this very tabloid once before, it’s not really up to Prince Charles what title Bowles gets upon his ascension. Respect for Princess Diana has nothing to do with it.

Bowles is not the mother of the heir, so she will not get the title of queen or queen consort. It’s possible Prince Charles rallies support in Parliament to change the laws, but that won’t make this story accurate. Why Prince William would care so much about this that he would yell at his wife in public is left to the imagination.

Other Royal Tall Tales

This is the same tabloid that once claimed Prince Charles had dumped Bowles days after Prince Philip’s funeral. It also reported that Prince William was named Prince of Wales, and that he’ll be the final King of England. These stories are blatantly false, with the latter literally featuring a psychic as a source.

Prince William did not make his wife cry on vacation, and Prince Charles cannot do what this tabloid says he can. This is just another bogus royal story from a clueless source.

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