Prince William Terrified Over Kate Middleton’s ‘Dramatic Weight Loss’?

Is Prince William worried for Kate Middleton after noticing she’s shed some pounds? This time last year, a tabloid claimed William was terrified she had developed an eating disorder like his mother, Princess Diana. We’re checking back in on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Report Reveals The ‘Real Reason’ For Kate Middleton’s ‘Dramatic Weight Loss’?

Twelve months ago, Star informed readers that fears had mounted over Kate Middleton’s health. Middleton has always cut a slim figure, but the tabloid insisted she’d shrunken down to skeletal 95 lbs. According to the report, Prince William was “scared Kate is buckling under the pressure of royal life.” An insider added that William “is especially terrified” since he knew about his mother Princess Diana’s battle with bulimia. The source explained that an eating disorder “could very well be connected to [Middleton’s] being stick thin.”

But the insider dished that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s move to the United States increased Middleton’s stress exponentially. “Kate’s workload is twice what it used to be,” the tipster confided. And with the addition to the responsibility of “homeschooling George and Charlotte,” both William and Middleton had struggled. Apparently, William sought out the guidance of both “the queen and his father.” The tabloid was sure to mention that William “isn’t a doctor” but he will seek medical intervention “if things get much worse.”

History Repeating Itself?

There were many red flags about this story. First of all, the images the tabloid used were too old to be relevant to the story. Since Middleton wasn’t wearing a mask in any of them, they were obviously from the very beginning of 2020 — or, more likely, even earlier. They were obviously chosen to fit the magazine’s story. And since it was completely made up — by the tabloid’s unnamed source or the publication itself — only old pictures worked.

Also, the outlet relied heavily on Princess Diana’s past struggle with an eating disorder to make it seem like Middleton is battling one. The tabloid even used side-by-side photos of Diana and Middleton in similar outfits. But the problem is that Diana’s personal maladies have absolutely nothing to do with Middleton. If Middleton were struggling with an eating disorder, William might have been reminded of his mother’s battle with bulimia, but the connection would only exist in his mind.

This report was just baseless speculation meant to shame Middleton for being too skinny and also implicate the Sussexes for some imaginary wrongdoing against Middleton. Truthfully, Harry and William seemed to get along just fine the last time Harry was in England. We doubt William believes his brother is indirectly causing his wife to have an eating disorder. And recent photos of the duchess at a charity event show her looking healthy as ever, so we aren’t seeing any cause for concern.

The Tabloids On Kate Middleton’s Weight

For years, the tabloids have been obsessed with Middleton’s weight. Earlier this year, In Touch parroted this report, claiming Middleton weighed a shocking 97 lbs. Then Life & Style reported both William and the queen were worried Middleton was too thin. And then the Globe alleged Middleton was both pregnant and weighed 97 lbs. Obviously, the tabloids have a fixation on the duchess’s weight and can’t be trusted to report accurately on the matter.


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