Princess Charlene collapse from the mounting stress of her $500M divorce from Prince Albert

Did Princess Charlene collapse from the mounting stress of her $500 million divorce from Prince Albert? One tabloid claims the Princess of Monaco was “brought back from the brink of death.” Here’s what we know.

Princess Charlene Collapsing As Divorce Battle ‘Explodes’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Princess Charlene’s health is in crisis after rumors began floating around that she demanded a $500 million divorce from her husband, Prince Albert. It was reported that Charlene was rushed to the hospital on September 1 after a sudden collapse. While representatives for the princess have tried to sate the public’s worry, the magazine claims she was on the “brink of death.”

The incident comes on the heels of a recent lawsuit alleging Albert fathered an illegitimate daughter 16 years ago. While the prince denies that he’s the girl’s father, Charlene fled to her native South Africa shortly after the news broke. And after being absent from her husband and children for months, it was announced that Charlene was still in no condition to return to her family. However, the magazine insists the whole story is false and something bigger is going on.

Princess Demanding A Cheating Payoff?

Time went on and the couple ended up spending their 10th wedding anniversary in separate countries. While the tabloid insists their separation was over the alleged love child, it points to the well-known fact that he’s fathered two others. Back in 1992, he fathered an illegitimate daughter followed by a son in 2002. But the magazine claims his son was conceived while he was dating Charlene, leading to a major cheating scandal. Now that Charlene knows this alleged daughter of Albert’s was born in 2005, the outlet insists she is completely humiliated. Apparently, Charlene wants a divorce and a big payoff.

“She loves her children, but she’s refusing to go back and intends to remain in her native country indefinitely,” the snitch reveals. “She’s angry and is demanding an end to this sham marriage and a $500 million divorce settlement! She’s feeling betrayed and utterly used.” And now, people are looking to Albert for answers. “He is facing growing calls to reveal whether his marriage is on the rocks.” Finally, the tabloid notes that Charlene is fighting for her life in the hospital while her estranged husband treads water back in Monaco.

Princess Charlene Flees ‘Sham Marriage’?

This report ignores a ton of important context. First of all, the couple isn’t on the brink of divorce as the tabloid alleges. Despite Charlene’s desire to return home, the princess’s ear, nose, and throat infection required her to undergo multiple surgeries. She was in no condition to travel, and this is in no way indicative of any marriage problems. That being said, we have no reason to doubt the statement claiming she’s made a full recovery. Charlene even spoke to People about how painful the separation has been.

“Albert and I had no choice but to follow the instructions of the medical team, even if it was extremely difficult. He has been the most incredible support to me,” she said at the time but insisted they still talk everyday. They had no plans to spend their anniversary apart but it was out of their control. On their anniversary, they released a joint statement that read, “HSH Prince Albert and HSH Princess Charlene would like to thank everyone for their continued love and support. The generosity they have experienced during the ten years of their marriage is heart-warming.”

Besides, all of Albert’s love children — both alleged and proven — were conceived before he and Charlene officially began dating in 2006. While it’s taboo in many cultures to father children out of wedlock, there’s no proof he was ever unfaithful. Besides, the couple took things slow and married in 2011. We’d hardly call their relationship a “sham” when they have been together going on 16 years. Sure, an extended separation isn’t ideal for any couple, but all evidence suggests they wish they could be together and plan to reunite as soon as possible.

The Tabloid On Princess Charlene

The Globe can’t be trusted when it comes to Princess Charlene. The tabloid reported back in July that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks back when his alleged third love child was revealed. Of course, minimal investigation reveals that the couple wasn’t too rocked by the allegation. And more recently, the magazine published a bizarre report claiming Albert was upset Charlene wasn’t more like his famous mother, Grace Kelly. The Globe can’t be trusted wherever the Prince and Princess of Monaco are concerned.


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