Princess Diana film Spencer sees young Prince William close to tears after she self-harms in graphic scenes

PRINCESS Diana is seen self-harming in graphic scenes from new film, Spencer.

Set over the three days of Christmas in 1991 – from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day – the film is a gloomy, uncompromising take on how Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage broke down irrevocably.


Princess Diana is a broken woman in new film, SpencerCredit: Alamy
Scenes show her looking after Princes William and Harry


Scenes show her looking after Princes William and HarryCredit: STX Entertainment

While Charles’s infidelity and lack of affection are repeatedly drawn on during the nearly two-hour film, so is young Prince William’s heartbreak at watching his mother in pain.

One gut-wrenchingly intense scene, which will no doubt enrage the protective third in line to the throne, sees William close to tears and begging his mother to join him for dinner after she locks herself in the bathroom following graphic self-harm attempts in which she takes wire cutters to her arm.

“Mummy, mummy… mummy, you said to tell you if you are being really silly. You are being really silly,” he pleads.

“Please mummy, we have to sit down before Granny. Mummy just switch off your mind. Don’t think about it until after dinner for everyone’s sake.”

Diana then emerges with mascara-stained cheeks and asks her son if he saw Camilla Parker Bowles at the church on Christmas Day morning.

Royal biographer and expert Penny Junor said: “It is unnecessarily gratuitous.

“Poor old William is all I can say. And let’s leave Diana with a shred of respect and dignity. I know William was there when she was unhappy but it sounds to me the movie is factually incorrect.”

The boys, who are 9 and 7 respectively in the film, are constantly on Diana’s mind – with a number of emotional scenes playing out just the three of them.

There are happier moments of her and her boys too


There are happier moments of her and her boys tooCredit: STX Entertainment
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