‘Prisoner Of Love’ Season 1 Episode 5 SPOILERS!

Last week on Prisoner of Love, Chelsea picked up Michael after he was released. She brought him to a little chalet she rented. Though he said he wanted to remain celibate, that all flew out the window and Chelsea got the loving she wanted. They shared a romantic date at the tattoo parlor but she is now questioning if she can trust him. Brey discovered the truth about Arlette’s incarceration and it sent shivers down his spine.

His father, Dex is getting ready to meet his prison love, Yolanda. Sadly, she seems to be more about money than anything else. Aluntra wants Bryce to be all about her and less about his family but can he just abandon them? Isa and Devin are trying to make it work yet is this the real thing? Time to find out what’s next for all these couples.

Chelsea Spills All About Her Prisoner Of Love

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Though her mom has reservations about Michael, Chelsea is ready to tell her all about her trip to pick him up. She shares how great it was to meet him and the moment they first saw one another. Then she shows off her tattoo of his name. Mama asks what if they break up. Chelsea says she will change it to St. Michael. She says she misses him already since he cannot come down to Florida as he is on parole.

Chelsea’s biggest worry is if he can be faithful as he has not been in the past since this will be long-distance. Her mom says the moment he is not, she needs to cut and run. As social media has helped Chelsea’s business, she asked Michael to go live for her. He answered questions and started out doing a great job. Turned into flirting which threw Chelsea off. He said he was “lightweight taken.”

She confronts Michael and wants to know what “lightweight taken” means. Chelsea received a lot of notifications about the way he spoke on the live. Michael does not understand because he thinks he should be commended for how well he did. In his mind, it is sarcasm and means “yes.” Chelsea is not buying it but he asks when she started caring what others think. He reminds her he is still adjusting to outside life.

Wedding Planning With Aluntra

Credit: YouTube
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While Bryce was locked up, Aluntra did all the wedding planning. Now that he is hearing the numbers, he is fuming. He wants to DJ his own wedding at this point yet does not have money to put towards the expenses. Bryce asks if they can just go to the courthouse and get married. This is a lot to put on him right when he gets out of prison but she thinks he is being selfish. She sacrificed a lot for him while he was away and she just wants this special day.

Bryce decides he will no longer work at the scrap yard and will work for himself. When he tells Aluntra, she is shaken. He has decided to go into lawn care as his friend is making a lot of money doing this. She wishes he had told her first. Now, she wonders if she should cancel the wedding since he had a steady paycheck. Maybe he could have done both, she asks. He feels like he is talking to a brick wall. So, he walks out.

Since he left, Bryce won’t answer the phone. Aluntra is worried about him and if he is okay. He returns the next morning as if nothing happened. Bryce tells her he was at the bar and just got lost in time. She tells him he is being inconsiderate. Aluntra feels he is going back to his old ways, quitting his job, staying out all night, and such. Basically, she gives him an ultimatum. He either stops making these decisions or she will leave.

Isa Gets News On Her Prisoner Of Love

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Chelsea is in New York for some meetings so she phones Isa. She has some unsettling news about Devin she wants to share with her in person. Chelsea wants Isa to catch her up on what has been going on and it feels good for Isa to have someone to talk to. Someone who understands her and what she is going through. Time for some news. After Devin and Isa became exclusive, Chelsea took him off her matchmaking site. Now he has messaged her asking to be put back on.

Chelsea showed Isa the photo he wants her to post and it is a scandalous picture. Isa is taken aback by the news and the picture because she thought it was just him and her. Time to confront Devin. Isa tries to confront him about what happened and he denies it. He has a different story and she asks if she does not give him enough attention. Devin claims he does not know what she does in the outside world. He basically turns it around on her. She knows she cannot trust him.

He still says he wants to leave and be with her. She is wondering if she is wasting her time with him.

Michael Goes Live…Again

Chelsea is still trying to deal with the aftermath of her first fight with Michael. Then what does he do? He goes live again on her business account without her consent. Michael is trashed with his friends, riding around, not answering questions. His final act is setting up his phone so everyone can see him go to the bathroom. She composed a message to him explaining how frustrated she was by his actions. His response was “did I go live on yours?” Really?

As for Bryce, he decides to surprise Aluntra with a picnic as a way to apologize. Can they get back to the sweet spot and plan their dream wedding? Furthermore, will Bryce stay clean or revert back to his old ways? As for Chelsea and Michael, can she ever trust him again? Plus, is it over for Devin and Isa?

Find out by watching Prisoner of Love every Monday only on discovery+.

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