‘Prisoner Of Love’ Season 1 Finale SPOILERS!

This season on Prisoner of Love, prison matchmaker Chelsea Holmes found herself in love on the job. Actually, she found herself in love twice. She is a prison matchmaker. Chelsea matches inmates with people in the outside world. First, she was dating Manuel and it looked pretty serious. Sadly, he ghosted her but she found love with Michael. She ended up going to pick him up when he got released, they got matching tattoos, the relationship became long-distance, and he messed it up. Chelsea must decide if she can handle this or ditch him.

Aluntra waited years for her love, Bryce to be released. Now that he is out, they have been planning a wedding. He freaked out about the finances since he just started working again. So, he quit his job and decided to become self-employed. This set a fire between the couple. Bryce tried to make it up to Aluntra and is hopeful they can still walk down the aisle. As for Chelsea’s clients, they are not having much luck with their inmate loves. Who will end up happy and who will end up alone? It is time to find out.

Chelsea Visits Her Prisoner Of Love

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To find out where they stand, Chelsea is going to see Michael. They are not communicating so she feels it is best for her to go visit him. He is going out to dinner with two of his friends since seeing her is making him anxious. She phones while he is out and he avoids it. He admits her frustration with him makes him anxious so he does not want to deal with it. Michael knows she was there while he was locked up so he is loyal yet being on the outside is a big deal and a switch. They will try to talk it out and if it does not work, Michael will be single.

Before she sees Michael, Chelsea is Zooming with her best friend, Jonathan. He does not understand why she is letting Michael run her over. They have not spoken in days yet here she is. She used to be so excited when the relationship began and now the doubts are pouring in. Jonathan wants Michael to take ownership of the relationship while Chelsea just wants answers.

She is waiting for Michael to show up and she is very anxious. He shows up with flowers, calling her his queen. Because she was so loyal to him while he was locked up it made it hard for him to tell her he just wanted to be friends. She said they cannot be friends as she feels she was used by him. Chelsea sent him meals every week, entertained him every night, she was there when no one else was. They are now over.

Ring Shopping With Bryce

Though they are on a budget, Bryce wants the best ring for Aluntra. He is picking the best ring possible and wants her birthstone as the center stone. Bryce admits when he quit his job, he did get cold feet, mainly financially. He knows if he started selling drugs again, he could have this ring in a day. Yet, he does not want that life again so he will do what he has to do in order to get this ring. It is valued at $2250. He tells the saleswoman to put it on hold and he will be back.

Aluntra, on the other hand, is trying on her wedding dress. She has never officially tried it on since it has been tailored and such. If Bryce does not cry, she will stop the wedding and walk all over again. Her best friend says she almost cried seeing her in it. This just solidifies she is ready to walk down the aisle. The night before the wedding, Bryce’s family is taking them out to dinner to celebrate.

Aluntra wants it to be reiterated that she will be his wife and will come first. His family is very proud to have her there. They are truly embracing her and love her. It is time for the wedding day and Aluntra has so much to do. As for Bryce, he knows there were a few times he thought they would not make it and here they are.

Brey, Dexter, and His Prisoner Of Love

Credit: Investigation Discovery Instagram
Credit: Investigation Discovery Instagram

Dexter is preparing to go see his prison love Yolanda so he is meeting with his son, Brey. Brey introduced him to this whole prison dating thing. Sadly, Brey’s relationship with Arlette ended when he learned she had shot someone. Dex’s biggest concern is that Yolanda may be a slight gold digger. Still, he is willing to give it a shot and meet her in person. He wants to know if she is in it for him or for his money. Brey is nervous as to what kind of person Yolanda is.

Though Brey said he was done with prison dating, he started messaging with Cynthia, another inmate. They have formulated a whole bucket list to achieve over the summer. Dex is taken aback to hear his son is back in the prison dating game but they both wish each other luck. Now that Dex has some free time, he can make the trip to see Yolanda so he is ready to share that news. She is late for the call so this is suspicious. He calls Chelsea to find out what is going on.

Since Yolanda is in a halfway house, there could be some rules she must abide by. Eventually, Chelsea gets back to Dex and reveals she learned Yolanda is back in prison. She had just gotten her cosmetology license back so this is a major shock all around. He never expected it but this is a risk one takes with prison dating.

How Does It All End?

Chelsea just wants to find the one and she is really broken by what happened with Michael. She reiterates that she will not be his friend at all. However, she still has work to do and that means taking care of her clients like Dexter. He has a call with Yolanda to find out what exactly happened that led her from the halfway house back to prison. She claims she injured her foot and because of that, she was a liability. Her case manager then told her she would have to return to prison.

Yolanda wants to know if he will still be there for her when she gets out this time around. Dex says of course and he will help her get through this. He is willing to take a chance on love. The two are still talking and look forward to meeting upon her release. Isa graduated from college and is getting her Master’s Degree in Social Work. As for Chelsea, she is truly ready to shed everything of Michael’s.

Now, she needs to get rid of his name tattoo so she covers it up instead of changing it to St. Michael. Admittedly, the breakup was hard but she is hopeful her journey is just beginning. She is currently dating two men with only one being an inmate. Aluntra had her dream wedding and they both could not look happier. She wants everyone to believe in second chances and love. They are off to celebrate their reception and freedom.

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