Professor Requires In-Person Attendance But Teaches Virtually

TikToker @barstoolgophers posted video of a college class seemingly requiring mandatory in-person attendance for students, while the professor himself teaches virtually.

“Professor makes students attend class in person but isn’t in class himself,” the text-to-speech effect and text overlay note on the clip.

The video shows students taking notes in class while the professor himself is physically absent and teaching virtually from his home.

The video amassed over 663,000 views and 63,000 likes since being posted on Monday. “Hate it here,”@barstoolgophers captioned the clip.

Many of the 445 comments commiserate about classes that mandate physical attendance by students but not the professor. “This happened in my class and the professor emailed me asking if I could personally turn the projector on,” said @bryceey.

“College: The only business where you can be charged obscene amounts of money with no reasonable expectation of services actually rendered,” said @rconway17.

Others pointed out that the professor, who appears to be a senior citizen, may not want to risk physical attendance due to the pandemic.

“Leave him alone and give him a break. You have no idea what happened. Y’all gotta stop disrespecting teachers,” said @ec2011_.

“Before y’all hate it’s probably because of covid… He looks older and the faculty probably quarantined him,” said @kelllill.

While this is a valid argument, it sparks the debate regarding why students are then forced to gather physically during the pandemic if the class is taught virtually.

@barstoolgophers is a Barstool Sports account for University of Minnesota students to post about their experiences.

Daily Dot reached out to @barstoolgophers for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 17, 2021, 1:16 pm CDT

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