Proud catfish says she feared husband would dump her when she lost teeth aged 21

A mum-of-four who has become a social media sensation as a “proud catfish” admits she once feared her husband would dump her when her teeth fell out.

Alicia, or Princess Glitterhead @princxssglitterhead as she’s known on TikTok, is a body confidence champion but didn’t always feel so secure.

The mum recalls falling in love with her husband Josh when they were 18 and getting hitched at 20.

She says: “We had our first beautiful baby when we were 21, but during that pregnancy, my teeth literally broke out at the gum line.

“Within a year of getting married my teeth started falling out and I needed my first partial [dentures].

The mum shares her story of self-love after suffering from tooth loss

“I thought my husband might leave me. I thought I would never feel pretty.

“I thought I lost all my value as a person.”

Luckily, she overcome her insecurity and Josh helped buy her realistic dentures and even a boob job to boost her self-esteem.

Discussing her extreme tooth loss, Alicia says: “I don’t think I ate properly. I wasn’t as healthy as I should have been.

Alicia shares her unmade face to help others
Alicia shares her unmade face to help others

“So the baby had to strip things out of my body that I didn’t know I didn’t have… mostly calcium from teeth.”

Alicia claims she believes she also had a genetic disposition to “extreme calcium loss” which is why her teeth fell out and left her with a dramatic change in face shape.

She often shows what she looks like without dentures and disgusting trolls have called her transformation “witchcraft”.

One cruel commentator said: “This feels illegal.”

“This is why I’m gonna start the first dates with some swimming involved,” said a man.

Alicia hit back: “Cold water and skintight pants so we know what YOU hiding.”

“This should be a war crime,” said another mean bloke.

But one of her supporters commented on her video with Josh, saying: “You married a true man of character, dignity, and respect. True love right there.”

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