Psychology Prof From California Who Debunks Myths On TikTok Is A Viral Sensation

A psychology professor at San Diego Mesa College became an internet sensation after a couple of her TikTok videos, wherein she is heard debunking misinformation about mental health, went viral on social media platforms.

Inna Kanevsky, who has a PhD in the field, started posting psychology lessons on the video-sharing app in order to adapt to online learning. The professor goes the extra mile to point out all sorts of misinformation that are being spread on the internet. To make it interactive, the behaviour expert tries to keep her videos fun and quirky. She never misses a chance to roast people who spread misinformation via social media.

Watch the video here:

In one of her videos, taking a jibe at the terms ‘according to science’ or ‘studies’, Kanevsky said that one shouldn’t say ‘according to science’ when it isn’t and neither should one say ‘studies show’ when there are no studies. The professor puts forth several studies and theories to support her claim and prove her point.

In a conversation with CBS 8, Kanevsky said that as her field is often misunderstood, she has no qualms of calling out the fake facts. Kanevsky, who has been teaching psychology for 20 years now, started making these videos for her students starting last summer. But the love and appreciation she received for it made her do more and more videos.

Kanevsky’s colourful outfits and humorous approach has built a fan base, as some of her videos have even surpassed over 14 million views.

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