Pub baffled as CCTV shows woman ‘spike her own drink’ before saying she was drugged

A pub in Scotland has had to issue a baffling warning after a woman allegedly claimed she had been drugged, only for it to transpire that she had spiked her own drink.

Staff at The Ship Inn in Elie, Fife, were shocked when the woman claimed that she had been spiked. They were even more shocked when they reviewed the CCTV footage and saw her spiking herself.

The pub’s owners claim that after police were called the couple gave false details before running away.

They were forced to take to social media yesterday (September 25) to warn other premises to keep an eye out for the woman and her partner, reports the Mirror.

People on the pub’s Facebook page were just as baffled as the owners

A warning has now been posted on The Ship Inn Facebook page urging other boozers to ban them from the premises after the ‘bonkers’ incident.

It said: “WARNING! So just when life couldn’t get more bizarre – this couple came into the pub today.

“The lady claimed her drink had been spiked. We have it all on cctv and she in fact did it to herself.

“I’m not sure what she was planning on getting from it but they gave us false address and details and scarpered whilst we were waiting to speak to the police.

“Spread the word and don’t allow them in to your premises… #lifeisbonkers #bewarned.”

Photos posted of the pair show the lady dressed in dark trousers, a white top and trainers.

Her companion is dressed in a red top and blue jeans with black glasses.

People on the pub’s Facebook page were just as confused as the owners.

Pub baffled as CCTV shows woman 'spike her own drink' before saying she was drugged
Police say enquires are ongoing

One commented: “Things are bad when you need to spike your own drink for a thrill.”

“That’s outrageous…extraordinary thing to do to yourself. Thank goodness for cctv,” a second chimed.

A third added: “Why on earth would someone do that?? Unbelievable.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed an alleged spiking had been reported to them but said so far no criminality has been established.

Enquires into the incident are ongoing.

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