Pub serves up £14 pie in Guinness glass as people brand it ‘worst thing ever’

Many restaurants and pubs look for new and creative ways to share their food.

However, the owners of one establishment have been mocked for serving up a pie in a Guinness glass.

The New Sydney Hotel, Australia, has gone viral after someone posted a picture of their $26 (£13.50) pie inside a Guinness pint glass.

The photo was first uploaded to a Reddit page dedicated to recognising restaurants that serve up food on anything by a plate.

And it’s since been shared on a Twitter account which highlights terrible Guinness pints poured in London.

People couldn’t believe it when they saw the snap, as social media users exclaimed their horror.

The pub served up the £14 pie in a Guinness glass and people were not impressed
(Image: Twitter)

Responding to the bizarre meal set-up, one person said: “The only shepherds pie you have to consume using a soil sampler.”

While another added: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph the carpenter, I thought the worst thing I’d ever seen was Chilli con carne made with baked beans. How wrong I was..”

A third chimed in: “This has actually upset me.”

While others joked they had ‘reported’ the post for its ‘offensive’ nature.

Pint of Guinness
It seems most people want their Guinness glass filled with beer
(Image: Getty Images)

Other social media users also pointed out the other ‘disturbing’ meal in the background.

This appeared to be the pub’s Squid and Chorizo dish that is served with tomato braised chickpeas, kale, fennel and gremolata.

It seems that the pinkish squid sitting on the edge of the plate is freaking everyone out.

The pub says on its website that ‘we have always done things a little differently…’

You can say that again!

Despite this, the pub has been branded ‘the best little pub in town’ online, with overwhelming good reviews.

After almost 1,000 comments on Google, the pub maintains a 4.6 out of 5 rating.

Meanwhile pubgoers in Britain could be left devastated as boozers are reportedly set to be hit by a beer and crisps shortage.

Booze supplies to pubs are set to drop as 1,000 draymen walk out on strike.

Crisp supplies are dwindling too as the number of HGV delivery drivers plunges after Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

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